20 Best Wedding Lantern Centerpieces For A Gorgeous Glow-y Vibe

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Lantern centerpieces

Lanterns are a very popular choice for weddings because they are so incredibly versatile. They look great for daytime or nighttime weddings, outdoors or inside, and can be hung from just about anything: trees, ceilings, entranceways, and more.

But the most popular use for lanterns is as wedding centerpieces. Whether lit at night or filled with flowers, there's so much you can do with them. They can help with decoration and lighting. So if you're planning for the big day, here are just a few lantern centerpieces to get the inspiration flowing.

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1. Flower filled

How beautiful is this lantern centerpiece filled with flowers? It's the perfect addition to a wedding.

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2. Soft florals

In this lantern centerpiece, beautiful white, peach and soft pink florals complement the flowers. This is great for a backyard garden theme.

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3. Orchids and outdoor flair

Surrounded with orchids and other luxurious colors, this makes the centerpiece a complete stunner.

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4. Little houses

These lanterns are so cute and rustic looking. They are great for a more intimate wedding, or one with a homespun story behind it.

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5. Elegant and simple

Sometimes you don’t have to do a lot to make a statement. You just need to make it quiet, beautiful, and classy.

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6. Fairy lights

We love these fairy lights in lanterns that line up on long reception tables.

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7. Whimsical

A fun spin on a flower-filled lantern centerpiece, it's whimsical, airy, and the perfect rustic-chic touch.

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8. Gold hardware

It’s a wedding, right? Add some shimmer via a lantern with touches of gold that bring a touch of elegance to any table.

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9. Paint

Can’t find a lantern that fits with your color theme for your wedding? Take control and repaint them any shade you want.

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10. Table numbers

The lantern can be more than just a centerpiece. It can lead people to their correct table, as with these lanterns that have numbers on them.

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11. Royal

This Dubai wedding had lanterns that felt a bit fancier and exotic. They're absolutely perfect for a castle-based destination wedding.

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12. Shapes and designs

Make the lanterns part of the decor as something you (or guests) will want to take home with you.

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13. Wicker-inspired

These lanterns look like a cross between wicker furniture and something out of a craft class. It would be so fun for a rustic wedding.

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14. Fall colors

Embrace the flavors and colors of fall with dark wood lanterns surrounded by seasonal fruits.

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15. Peach tones

Also great for a fall wedding is a rustic lantern full of texture and surrounded by peach flowers. Add in actual peaches to make it even more special.

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16. Skip the light

We imagine lanterns as filled with candles or lights, but skip that altogether and fill them with fresh flowers that match the wedding theme.

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17. Vintage

An oil-rubbed bronze lantern feels like another century but is still timeless. It's perfect for a ceremony that is new to you, but still as old as time.

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18. Feminine

Whether it’s pink, rose gold, or blush centerpieces, guests are celebrating a bride. Don’t be afraid to go a bit girly with it.

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19. Greenery

For an outdoor wedding, nothing is better than embracing nature and having it work with your decor and centerpieces.

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20. Peek-a-boo

If the flowers are in the lantern, it’s a whole different look. And if you open the door to the lantern and let the flowers peek out, they see you.

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