20 Best Groomsmen Socks To Give Your Wedding Groomsmen

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Best groomsmen socks

Women in bridal parties get a lot of attention, but groomsmen have a lot of primping to do on the big day as well. For men who will be dressed formally and are going for a classic, elegant look, nothing beats a pair of solid-colored, over the calf dress socks.

“The solid color should match the color of the suit or tuxedo which, in most formal instances, will be a shade of navy or black,” says Nathan James, president of Boardroom Socks. “This type of sock will blend seamlessly with the groomsmen's trousers for a polished look.”

But in giving groomsmen gifts to your closest pals, you can also include socks. Make the moment extra special with pairs of groomsmen socks for your wedding party.

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1. Over the Calf Dress Socks

Gifting socks to your groomsmen is a great way to say thanks, but how long should the socks actually be? Advises James, “For sock length, I always recommend over the calf (also known as knee-high) for formal events; their ability to both cover a gentleman's leg and stay up all day are unmatched in the world of hosiery.”

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2. Compression Socks

These socks may not necessarily be the pizzazz you're looking for, but they're very important. “When the groomsmen start tearing up the dance floor, they want to focus on impressing bridesmaids with their dance moves, not having to pause to pull up their sagging socks,” says James.

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3. "Personality" Dress Socks 

For groomsmen who are interested in making a splash and expressing personality via their socks, there really are no rules. Adds James, ”While wearing a bright red tuxedo to your cousin's wedding probably wouldn't be appropriate, nothing is wrong with sporting a pair of bright red socks.”

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4. Pops of Color

Add some whimsy to a very formal occasion. And what could be neater than pops of color and polka dots? These socks are sure to stand out.

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5. Patriotic

For the patriotic wedding, flag socks can be extra fun! “Another option for the patriotic groomsmen are American flag dress socks, which have been spotted on the altar many times,” James says.

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6. Classic

Obviously, the limitations of this are set by the formality of the occasion. But “If the wedding is truly a classic, black tie wedding," James says, "my recommendation would be to wear classic, solid-colored over the calf dress socks.”

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7. Monogram Socks

Get into the spirit of the occasion with socks that mark the occasion, like these monogram socks. Personalize a pair for the groom with his name and date of the big day. 

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8. Striped

Stripes are elegant and fun, and kind of a cool play on the whole pin striped suit tradition. For the groomsman in your part who is into alternative styles, these are the pair of socks to choose.

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9. Pink Flamingo Socks

There’s no shame in wearing pink, and a bit of pink during something as romantic as a wedding shows you are in the spirit (and confident in your own masculinity).

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10. Tropical Socks 

Whether or not it's a destination wedding, there's no shame in going a bit formal. “These socks are the perfect choice for your groomsmen to flaunt at your tropical destination wedding locale, and everyone will be in the mood to celebrate!” says Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services.

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11. 'Lucky' Socks 

“If you’re the superstitious type, have no fear. You can enlist your groomsmen in the tradition of wearing these socks for good luck,” advises Dennis.

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12. Marvel Socks

“Bring your shared love for Marvel movies (or other movies you like to nerd out on) into your wedding attire!” adds Dennis.

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13. Holiday 'Festivus' Socks 

“Here’s your chance to pay homage to Seinfeld if you’re planning a winter/holiday wedding. And you’ll have a great conversation starter to surprise guests with,” recommends Dennis.

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14. Custom Face Socks

“If you really want to impress your groomsmen, go all out with customized socks for each of them with their face on them!" Dennis suggests.

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15. Printed Socks 

A simple black and white tuxedo or suit won’t leave much room for any bright colors. Treat your wedding party to this vibrant pop of color to spice up their wedding attire,” Dennis says.

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16. Sports Team Socks 

Whether you met at a game or love competing teams, sport teams socks can be super-fun. “Whether you want to bond over your love of a team or facilitate a friendly rivalry, sports socks are a great go-to to gift to your groomsmen,” Dennis says.

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17. Nostalgia Socks  

“If you and your groomsmen are stuck living in the 90s and love nostalgic pop culture, these Space Jam socks are for you,” Dennis suggests.

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18. Hometown Socks 

Nothing like home, right? As Dennis recommends, “Pulling inspiration from your hometown (such as crab-themed socks for Maryland or the Chesapeake area) is the perfect way to pay tribute to where you grew up, especially if you and your groomsmen are childhood friends.”

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19. Colorblock Socks

Not the bold, crazy sock type? That's okay. Instead, says Dennis, “Follow your wedding’s color palette with these colorblock groomsmen socks for something a little more subtle and complementary.”

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20. Basquiat Socks 

Celebrate your sophisticated groomsmen with these artsy Basquiat socks! They are cool, creative, and guaranteed to stand out.

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