21 Stunning, Unique Men's Wedding Bands He'll Never Want To Take Off

Long gone are the days of plain, boring wedding bands. Your husband deserves more!

20 Unique Mens Wedding Bands He’ll Never Want To Take Off larson jewelers

Let’s keep it real: one of the best parts about getting married is being able to flaunt your happy relationship with the gorgeous wedding ring taking up realty on your left hand. But ladies, we have it easy. There are so many different styles of wedding rings for women — princess cut, cushion, and halo-framed, just to name a few.

But men are left with the short end of the stick, often settling a plain band. Are there any unique men's wedding bands that’ll make him proud to show off what he’s got?


Short and sweet answer: yes.

Plain gold wedding bands? Over it. Boring silver bands? Canceled. It’s time to get our guys wearing rings that are still classy, of course, but have a little more oomph — just like his personality that you fell so very much in love with.

We wear our wedding bands forever. They’re a physical symbol of your love and commitment to each other, and these stunning men’s wedding bands from Larson Jewelers are absolute head-turners that portray your special love perfectly.


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1. Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

These wedding bands are still simple, but the added carbon inlays make them really stand out. Not to mention the resin and tungsten carbide are both extra scratch-resistant, meaning you don't have to worry about your everyday activities ruining your gorgeous ring.


Buy now for $109.99

2. Tungsten Wedding Band With 9 Diamonds

This ring perfectly combines two of the toughest materials on Earth: diamonds and tungsten carbide. Plus, with the choice of either regular diamonds or trendy black diamonds, you can't really go wrong.

Buy with white diamonds for $459.99

Buy with black diamonds for $399.99


3. Tungsten Ring With Colorful Interior

Perfect for the guy who wants to keep things simple on the outside, but also looking for a little unique twist. These flat tungsten rings feature colorful ceramic inlays that you'll catch a glimpse of from just the right angle.

Buy with blue ceramic inside for $199.99


Buy with black interior for $199.99

Buy with white interior for $199.99

4. Tungsten Wedding Band With 3 Stones

Okay, ladies. I know this is supposed to be all about men's wedding bands, but these were just too cute to leave out! These simple yet stylish rings come with different stones so you can even match it with your birthstone.


Buy now, starting at $259.99

5. Geometric Tungsten Carbide Band

How gorgeous is this? This simple band is still eye-catching thanks to the cool geometric pattern that gives it its unique look. Plus, it comes in different widths so you can find the perfect ring to match your vibe.

Buy now for $114.99

6. Tungsten Wedding Band With Mother Of Pearl Inlay


Mother-of-pearl is a decorative material made from the inside lining of oyster and abalone shells — cool, right!? Not to mention it's absolutely gorgeous. The best part? It comes in sizes for both men and women so you can both have these unique matching wedding bands!

Buy now for $114.99

7. Wedding Band With Turquoise Stone Inlay


The bright turquoise stone is perfectly complemented by either black ceramic or tungsten. Both are extra durable and won't fade or discolor your finger — score!

Buy now for $174.99

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8. Dinosaur Bone Ring

Yes — these are made with real dinosaur bone pieces taken from fossils. Since each ring is made from an authentic dinosaur bone, these rings are about as unique as you can get and no two rings will look exactly the same. 


Starting at $199.99

9. Steel Brushed Wedding Band

These rings resemble the classic wedding band at first, but with a closer look, you'll notice the cool, artistic designs and patterns. Subtle, but stunning!

Buy the Damascus Steel Brushed Beveled Men’s Wedding Band with Repeating Artisan Pattern for $249.99


Buy the Valyrian Domed Brushed Damascus Steel Men’s Wedding Band with A Vivid Etched Design for $249.99

Buy the Lord Damascus Steel Flat Brushed Men’s Wedding Band with Alternating Carved Pattern for $249.99

10. 14K Gold Wedding Band

These aren't your average gold wedding bands. They come complete with a customizable look thanks to cool inlays like opal, turquoise, and wood.


Starting at 195.99

11. Tungsten Carbide Ring With Antler Inlay

It's almost guaranteed that you'll be the only person in the room with this ring. These are made from real deer antlers, so no two rings will look exactly alike.

Buy now for $189.99

12. Polished Ring With Unique Inlays


These shiny, polished rings are absolutely gorgeous. Whether you go for beveled or domed, these rings have a classic look with a gorgeous twist.

Starting at 109.99

13. Wedding Band With Wood Inlay

Whether you go for the black ceramic or tungsten finish, these earthy wedding bands are perfect for the guy looking to make a subtle statement. 


Buy with black ceramic for $119.99

Buy tungsten for $119.99

14. Black Tungsten Ring With Black Sapphires

You can never go wrong with all black. It matches with everything and is even makes gems look masculine.

Buy now for $359.99

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15. Wedding Band With Opal Inlay


Seriously, how cool are these!? The bright color works for couples looking to make a real statement with their rings, and come in both men's and women's sizes — so yes, ladies, you can have one too!

Buy with blue-green opal inlay for $129.99

Buy with red opal inlay for $184.99

16. Black Ceramic Wedding Band With Blue Lapis Inlay


It's like having a starry night on your finger. The black ceramic and blue lapis are perfectly complementary. 

Buy now for $184.99

17. Tungsten Wedding Band With Lava Stone


Whether you go with the tungsten or black ceramic, these dark rings with an inlay from an actual volcano are a work of art as much as they are a piece of jewelry!

Buy tungsten for $174.99

Buy black ceramic for $174.99

18. Tungsten Ring

This flat tungsten wedding band is super simple, perfect for those who want to keep things classic — but just unique enough to still set you apart.


Buy now for $124.99

19. Black Tungsten Ring With Blue Inside

The all-black tungsten is simple and masculine while the vibrant blue inside makes it stand out just enough.

Buy now for $199.99

20. Gold Plated Tungsten Ring


Like the idea of a unique wedding band, but don't want to stray too far from the classic gold ring? This is for you.

Buy now for $129.99

21. Black Titanium Diamond Pattern Wedding Band

Between the simple, thin gold lines and diamond pattern, this wedding band is unlike anything you've seen before! 

Buy now for $179.99


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