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Popular NYC Comedy Club Owner David Kimowitz Stabbed To Death In Home By Nanny's Boyfriend

Photo: Essex County Prosecutors Office
Who Is David Kimowitz? New Details On Comedy Club Owner Stabbed To Death In Home By Nanny's Boyfriend

David Kimowitz was the beloved owner of the comedy club and restaurant in New York City's Union Square called the Stand. the Stand in Union Square in New York City. He and his young family just moved into a recently renovated home in New Jersey. His wife took his two young children to the Jersey Shore for a short vacation while Kimowitz stayed back with the families Au Pair. On August 3rd, 2018 Kimowitz and his nanny were murdered. This begs the question who is David Kimowitz? 

1. Comedy Club owned by Kimowitz

David Kimowitz was the comedy manager and owner of the Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club in Union Square. He and three friends bought the Stand Comedy Club in Gramercy in 2012. They closed it in 2018 to move to the larger location in Union Square. It has hosted many celebrity comics such as Tracy Morgan, Janeane Garofalo and Dave Attell. Aside from their big celebrity specials, they also have weekly shows featuring local comics who are just starting out. 

Aside from his job at the Stand and managing comedians, Kimowitz also has had a hand in booking comedians for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


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2. He loved his job.

David Kimowitz once said of managing comedians, “You get very personal, because you care about the clients and what they do. I definitely care about comedy. That’s why I do this. I started because I really love comedy, and then I wanted to help comedians with their careers. And then you start to build relationships with the comedians that you work with, and try to help them. So it becomes — of course, it’s business, but it’s extremely personal. It’s building trust, and then going through this experience of trying to create somebody’s career. And not just a career, you’re working on projects, you’re coming up with concepts together. So you build this personal relationship.”


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3. The murder of Kimowitz and Bermudez-Rodriguez 

On August 3, 2019 David Kimowitz was stabbed to death in his home along with his nanny, Karen Bermudez-Rodriguez. The crime happened in his newly renovated home that he shared with his wife and two young children. His wife and kids were away at the Jersey Shore during the time of the attack. Joseph Porter, boyfriend of Bermudez-Rodriguez was arrested in relation to the crime. He is facing two counts of murder, possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal restraint.

4. The nanny wasn't dead!

While both Kimowitz and Bermudez-Rodriguez were stabbed multiple times by Joseph Porter, only Kimowitz was pronounced dead at the scene. Bermudez-Rodriguez was able to somehow escape Porter. The police were called when a jogger found her, and called the police. When they arrived around 6am, she was reported to be a few houses away with multiple stab wounds to the head and torso. She was pronounced dead at the hospital a few hours later.

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5. The stalking of the Kimowitz household

There are reports that a Toyota Corolla was seen around the street of the Kimowitz residence for weeks leading up to the murders. Raffy de la Torre, an 18-year-old who lives across the street from the Kimowitz family said: “I’ve seen his car for the last couple of weeks. He was just sitting there. My friend saw him every day. I never saw her [Bermudez-Rodriguez] get into the car." He as also said that he suspects that Porter was the driver. 

6. Reaction to the death of Kimowitz

Kimowitz's brother arrived at the house shortly after the stabbings occurred. He was apparently very anxious and looking for answers. Another neighbor of Kimowitz said of his brother: “He was wigging out. He was amped up. He was trying to confirm his brother was dead. No one could give him his answer.”

Comedians who knew Kimowitz have been taking to Twitter to express their sadness in the wake of this tragedy. Subhah Agarwal recently said: "I can’t believe you’re gone. Grateful for the time I had with you. Thank you for making me laugh through clouds of vape smoke and for believing in me at a time when no one else did. A great manager, family man, and friend. This so cruel. Rest In Peace David Kimowitz".

Comic Big Jay Oakerson had this to say of his passing: “He was one of the great guys in a pretty slimy business. He was my right hand. I have no idea how to move forward right now."

Comedian Rich Voss said:  "This is such shocking news. A great guy and friend has passed this weekend. Just talked with him last week and Fri night. He seemed so happy, a wife, 2 kids, his new club opened. And now this horrific new. David Kimowitz you will be missed. RIP"

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