20 Best Bridal Shower Cake Ideas For The Bride-To-Be

A picture-perfect couple calls for a picture-perfect cake.

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Whether you're a bride helping organize your bridal shower or you're throwing a special someone a bridal party, securing the cake is one of the most crucial steps in the planning process. While you'll want to decide on cake ideas and flavors via your (and your party guests) taste buds, we're here to help you with the designs.

Since wedding themes and trends are all over social media, we felt inspired to put together the most festive list of 20 beautiful choices for a bridal shower cake, perfectly tailored to the bride's personal preferences and style.


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1. Touch of flowers



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For the bride who loves spring and touches of floral on dresses and notebooks, a cake made up of flowers may be just the themed cake for her. Whether fake or real, try incorporating the bride's favorite blooms and colors into the cake design as well.                 


2. Countdown

Whether the bridal party is eight months away or eight weeks, a countdown cake is a great way to create excitement for the ceremony and reception ahead. There are many ways incorporate a countdown onto the cake. One way could be physically drawing the numbers on the cake, the next is incorporating a makeshift calendar or block number into the cake design. 

3. Bridal gown 'cupcake'

You'll notice our list consist of a few cupcake-image inspirations. The first on our list is a beautiful cupcake arrangement bridal gown.


What design can be more fitting for a bridal cake than a replica of the bride's gown? Bonus points if you get the cake to closely resemble the dress worn on the actual day (no big spoilers, but enough to create a twinkle in the guests' eyes). 

4. Everything pink



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Perfect for the bride who loves all things pink. From cotton candy pink to hot Barbie pink (and everything in between), there's something fun that comes along with a pop of pink. Versus just one shade of pink, try mixing things up with multiple shades or even an ombre of pink hues. 


5. A sweet classic



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Sweet and simple is a combination thrown around quite a bit, and for good reason! For a bridal shower cake, keep the details simple and focused on a few key components like flavor, icing quality, and a small nod to a wedding theme (like a cake topper, singular flower, or a small ring).  

6. Diamond ring

If a small accent ring on your cake isn't enough, go big on the ring!


There are a few ways to go about creating a ring-shaped cake (minus purchasing interesting cake pans). The party could orchestrate a cupcake assortment set up as rings or replicate the seen picture and try a festive cake-alternative like s'mores or tiramisu. 

7. Roses as the train



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Incorporating texture into anything is a great way to spruce things up (or add a layer of creativity), and picking out a cake design is no different. A bridal train can be full and tully, so incorporate this on a bridal shower cake by using roses as the bridal gown train. 


8. Couple themed



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Did the bride and groom meet traveling? Maybe they love a particular NFL team. A custom themed bridal shower cake that exemplifies the couple's personality could be a great idea when thinking of creative cakes to serve at the shower. 

9. Initials



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Bring back the sixth grade school-girl crush and bring together the couple-to-be's initials for their cake. By using standardize cake pans and cutting out each initial in block letters, you'll have the cake be the hit of the party. 


10. Naked tiered



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The newest trend in both wedding cakes and bridal shower cakes is the naked frosting look. While it's not a completely naked (we all love ourselves some frosting), the cake's layer of frosting is thin enough to view all the layers underneath the cake.  

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12. Watercolor 



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Whether you like the watercolor or marbleized theme, the mixture of colors and blending of lines of definitive structure is a huge trend in the cake scene. This also includes bridal shower cakes. For this look, try incorporating one or two of the bride's favorite colors (or bridal shower color/theme) into the frosting to tie everything together. 

13. Vase of sunflowers



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Or any of the bride's favorite flowers. Different than featuring real or fake flowers on the cake, this version utilizes the piping tool. Create your frosting mixture and go to town putting together a small bouquet of custom flower cupcakes. 


14. Personalized



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What we love most about this option is the ability to go with any cake variety (flavor, color, or shape). The big key difference is the cake topper. Many shops on Etsy will customize the couple's last name on a cake topper to dress the cake.  

15. Metallic foil 



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Or, try gold-leaf foil. Gold is the popular accessory item for many staples — from jewelry to coffee tables, it's everywhere. Now, we can find metallic or gold-leaf foil on our beloved bridal shower cake. Contact your local baker and see if they sell edible metallic-lead foil, or if you'll have to custom order it.


16. Explosion of color

Thanks to MILK Bar (originally from NYC), we're celebrating major events (like marriage) with pops of color. Not just any collection of colors, but over-the-top, every color of the rainbow pops of color. Turn your cake into an explosion of fun with multi-color sprinkles, M&Ms, and even mix of layers of the cake batter with fun food coloring. 


17. Acrylic glaze



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When it comes to incorporating texture into a themed bridal shower cake, there's nothing that tops pieces of edible acrylic lining the sides. Whether it's made of sugar glass in various colors or frosted edible gelatin plastic.   

18. Bouquet



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There's something festive and bridal about an assortment of edible flowers. Whether you decide to put various flowers on a round cake or individual cupcakes, there's no way to go wrong. For inspiration, check out real-life floral arrangements on Pinterest or in person at a florist to replicate.


19. Airbrushed



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Instead of extra frosting pipes or 3D objects (edible or not), create airbrush designs alongside the side of the bridal cake. From the couple's silhouettes, to iconic landmarks (where the couple met, vacationed, or even proposed), there are so many ways to add creativity when using the airbrush method. 

20. Festive plant



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Brides with green thumbs, rejoice! Enjoy a bridal cake or cupcake assortment made of various types of succulents. Succulents are making their way into the wedding scene as a decoration tool, wedding favor, and now a theme for bridal shower cakes.


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