Jordyn Woods Reportedly Dating Khloé Kardahian's Ex James Harden — And We're Here For All The Drama

Can't she find a guy Khloé hasn't been with?

Are Jordyn Woods And James Harden Dating? New Details On Her Relationship With Khloé Kardashian's Ex Instagram/Getty

Ex-Kardashian/Jenner bestie Jordyn Woods seems to have major issues. Not only did she get with Khloé Kardashian's baby daddy Tristan Thompson, causing a tsumani of drama, now she's rumored to be dating another one of Khloé's exes: Houston Rockets player James Harden. Girl, can't you find your own man? Do you really need to recycle Khloé's? Should Lamar Odom be worried? Jordyn, there's a girl code — didn't anyone ever teach it to you? Are Jordyn Woods and James Harden dating?


1. She was shaking her booty at him

Video surfaced a few days ago that showed 21-year-old Jordyn, dancing and shaking her butt at Khloé Kardashian's ex, basketball player James Harden, 29. The two were at the Belle Station nightclub in Houston, Texas. The two arrived and left separately but there is video of them dancing and partying together as well as sharing space in the VIP area. At one point, Jordyn appeared to be sitting in Harden's lap. Remember, it was just February when Jordyn was kissing Khloé's baby daddy Tristan Thompson at a house party. Jordyn: this is not the way to make or keep friends.



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2. They are never, ever ever getting back together

It may be just a coincidence, but Kylie Jenner finally unfolllowed her former BFF after Jordyn was seen dancing with Khloé's ex. After it surfaced that Jordyn had kissed Tristan Thompson, Kylie had her move out of her guest house, but she continued to follow her former BFF on social media. It may have indicated she held out some hope — but that's seemingly all over now. For the record, Khloé and James Harden were in a committed relationship from the summer of 2015 to February 2016.


3. Khloé thinks Jordyn hung out with James Harden on purpose

Khloé does not believe that the meeting between Jordyn and James Harden was a coincidence. You know what? I agree. It is maniacal, this girl's obsession with Khloé's exes. A source close to Khloé told Hollywood Life that Khloé feels Jordyn's actions are deliberate. "Khloé Kardashian is truly confused as to why Jordyn Woods was hanging out with James. Khloé feels Jordyn is hanging out with her exes deliberately to get a reaction out of her and truly doesn’t care about her or her family’s feelings. She does not believe she accidentally ran into him at all. To Khloe, this was not a coincidence. It’s really disheartening and she wishes she would stop. She honestly thought after Tristan, she would never be seen with a Kardashian ex ever again and feels this is really a low blow and not cool.”



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4. Jordyn doesn't give AF

Well, that much is clear from her behavior. After Kylie Jenner unfollowed her former BFF on IG, Woods took to her own social media to flaunt her new acting gig. Girl, no. It is not a good look. Anyway, Jordyn posted a photo of herself with Paula Patton and captioned it: "I’ve been working in New Orleans for the past week on a new project! can’t wait to see the show come together," she wrote. Apparently, Woods is on the set of the BET project Sacrifice, which is just in the pilot stage. She also snagged a role on Freeform's Grown-ish.



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5. Khloé is "done being nice"

This is the third ex of Khloé's that Jordyn has been involved with in one way or another. Besides Tristan Thompson and James Harden, Woods also just got done making a music video with rapper Rick Ross, who was linked to Khloé in 2014. According to a source close to the Kardashians" “Khloe thinks Jordyn has to be coming for her guys, and is asking friends if Jordyn is really that hard up for guys. She thinks Jordyn is pathetic for trying to make a career out of going after her men! This is like the third guy now.” Watch out Lamar Odom!



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6. So is Jordyn dating James Harden?

According to TMZ, that would be no. The meetup at the nightclub was completely random. At least for Harden. We wouldn't put it past Jordyn to have orchestrated the whole thing. However, let's give the guys some credit, knowing her history with the Kar/Jenner clan, why would any ex get involved with this trainwreck?



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