20 Best Wedding Hair Accessories — To Go With Any Wedding Hairstyle

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Hair accessories

The center of a wedding look is the dress, but after the dress comes the hair. Whether you're in the bridal party or the bride herself, hair accessories are a big part of setting that style. And the right one will tie together your whole look, especially if you go for simple jewelry.

Your wedding hair will play a big part in what type of accessory is the best fit, but the nicest wedding hair accessories are going to be versatile enugh to wear with different styles, whether up or down, or half up and down.

Looking for the right hair accessory? Here are some great looks to consider.

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1. Flowers


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Flowers as a hair accessory are beautiful for a summer or spring wedding. And they're also a great opportunity to work your bridal bouquet into your hair style.

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2. Tiara

Ever since the royal wedding, everyone has more wanted to be a princess. A tiara is a beautiful accessory for your wedding day, and it's the one time you are sure to feel like royalty.

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3. Flower crowns


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Flowers and crowns are both hot, but why not combine two concepts and wear a flower crown? It’s so flower child!

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4. Bedazzled barrettes

A little bit of diamond-like shimmer and shine is a best idea for wedding day hair. Let everyone see you sparkle.

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5. Vines


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Tangled vines are super romantic, aren't they? Incorporate a bedazzled one into your hair for the big day.

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6. Stars

If there was ever a day you are a star, it’s your wedding day. Why not feel the moment and wear stars in your hair?

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7. Handmade stones and baubles


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Nothing says special like something handmade and from the heart. And this is an opportunity to incorporate colors and textures that are special to you.

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8. Golden leaf

Nothing says Grecian goddess like wearing golden leaves in your hair. And how many you wear and how you wear them is completely up to you and your stylist.

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9. Rose gold hair pins


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Pins are perfect for styles — from chignons to updos. But why not make the pins part of the look as well and use these rose gold floral hand pins?

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10. Pearl headband

A head band becomes elegant and stately when adorned with pearls. If you have precious family heirloom pearls, those can also be worked into your hair as part of your "something old" or "something borrowed."

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11. Pins


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Whether you have a cameo, pin, or a family heirloom you love, those pins can be use on hair pins. They are sure to stick out and make a statement.

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12. Anything red

Gold and silver and diamond is timeless and elegant. But a splash of red is sure to get noticed and make you stand out.

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13. Flower adorned hair combs


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Hair combs are pretty and delicate when there’s dainty flowers wrapped around them. And in colors, textures or scents, it helps to set the mood.

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14. Christmas theme

If your wedding is around the holidays, a bit of green in your hairpiece can pay tribute to the spirit of the season.

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15. Gemstones

Diamonds are a common gemstone to use in hair accessories, but what about your birthstone or just a favorite gemstone? 

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16. Silver


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Silver is a flash of frost and ice. And it's perfect for a Frozen-esque (or winter themed) seasonal wedding.

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17. Hair vines

This is similar to other vine ideas, but it's better for a longer hair style that the vine can be woven into.

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18. Grecian-style headband


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Feel like Helen of Troy in a Grecian-style gold and pearl headband. It's absolutely perfect for setting the tone.

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19. Crystal hair pins

There's so much that can be done with hair pins, and it'll be so fun to pull out at the end of the night. These are crystal, which is extra glam.

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20. Colorful acrylics


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Adding a pop of color and flair can brighten up your whole wedding day look, like using colorful acrylic hair clips.

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