8 Romantic Destinations You Should Visit This Summer

Tell your boo to start packing!

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By Sophie Jones

Summer is here and most of us are already working on an itinerary to make it memorable.

If you’re thinking about proposing to your significant other or just celebrating your anniversary somewhere special, consider the following romantic places.

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One of them might end up being your favorite summer destination of all time!

1. London, Ontario, Canada

When people hear “London”, they automatically assume that it’s London, England.

However, London in Ontario, Canada is one of the most romantic places to be.

There are many attractions to visit and plenty of landmarks to enjoy.

One such attraction is the famous Victoria Park, a 7.3-hectare park we know for being one of the most famous tourist locations in London.

Moreover, if you appreciate historic landmarks, then the St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica should be on your to-do list as well.

2. Bruges, Belgium

If you’ve seen When In Bruges, then you know that this Belgian city looks like a medieval town out of a fairy tale. 


Its beautiful canals and cobbled streets make for excellent locations for photo ops.

Furthermore, you’ll find several canal tours offered in the city.

The sights that you see from said tours are as breathtaking as your partner.

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3. The Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Next on our list is The Isle of Skye in Scotland.

It’s surrounded by mountain ranges that pave way for dramatic views and a beautiful glimpse of their coastal scenery.

This island looks like it came out of a Renaissance painting.

Hence, Quiraing should be on the must-see list for all couples who love to hike.

Finally, you can end the day with a tour of Dunvegan Castle and watch the sunset together.


4. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a beautiful paradise hidden between the Mediterranean Sea and the lush mountains on the northern coast of Italy.

The food, wine, and amazing view of the sea provide you with the perfect romantic ambiance for an anniversary celebration or for popping the question.

5. Ushuaia, Argentina

Dubbed as the “End of the World,” Ushuaia is located at the southernmost tip of Argentina.

One can’t-miss destination when traveling there is the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, where you can watch the sunset from the beautiful blue coastline!

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6. Bangkok, Thailand

Ah yes. Bangkok, Thailand.


Home to many temples, cruises, and night markets filled with exotic food shadowed by overlooking skyscrapers.

Start the day with a visit to their temples and end it with a cruise down the romantic Chao Phraya river.

Afterward, before heading off to bed, finish the night off with an authentic Thai massage for you and your partner!

7. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Fun fact - this castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s animated film, Sleeping Beauty.

It’s the place to be in Germany if you and your partner want to experience a fairy tale dream-like experience.

This is one of the few castles in the world that came out of a painter’s illustrations.


Neuschwanstein Castle is as beautiful as it gets and it’s perfect for romantic escapades.

8. Kyoto, Japan

A country that needs no introduction is Japan.

Tourists from all over the world consider Japan a favorite travel destination, mostly because the country has a lot to offer to almost everyone.


Kyoto is one of the best Japanese destinations for romantics.

A quick visit to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens will leave you breathless, thanks to the spectacular landscapes and colors that you can appreciate in all seasons.

If you visit during the spring, you can take part in a boat ride that ventures down the cherry blossom-lined Okazaki Canal.

No matter how beautiful or how romantic the place might be advertised, it all boils down to how you can make the most out of the trip.

This list should give you just a few ideas on where to head off this summer. 

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