4 Reasons To Date The Girl Who’s Used To Being Alone

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Dating Advice For Men Who Want To Date And Have A Long-Term Relationship With An Independent Woman

By Karla Crisostomo

Perhaps you’re someone who’s been through many relationships.

Someone who’s met different types of girls and who’s still searching for the ‘right’ one.

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Maybe you have to stop looking for them in clubs or at parties.

Maybe you have to increase your standards or upgrade your tastes.

Or maybe you have to cease chasing a girl who’s ‘experienced’ in relationships.

Why not try to pursue the girl who’s always at the corner? The girl who’s always eating lunch alone? The one who often drops by the coffee shop to read a book?

The girl who seems to be happy despite being alone?

Well, here’s why you should pursue her.

1. She has learned not to depend on anyone else

She wants or needs something?

This girl will get it on her own.

Moreover, she is not the type of girl who, when you’re at the mall, will point out a bag, a pair of stilettos, or a box of chocolate, because she wants you to buy them for her.

Everything she has, she earned through hard work.

She is not the type of girl who will constantly ask you to drive her or accompany her at some special occasions.

She can carry herself without feeling incomplete.

If she ever hints that she wants or needs something, then believe me, it’s taken time and deep pondering from her before she opened up to you.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to get it for her.

It most likely means she just wants emotional support while she works for it herself.

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2. She is complete enough to be happy even without anyone else

If you’re not her entire happiness, see it as an advantage.

Consider it a blessing if you can go places without her.

She has built pure contentment in her very own soul and that means you will never be that strangled, restricted partner.

You will have your own freedom.

Because, even if you’re not with her all the time, you know that she has that rich resource of joy aside from you.

Don’t worry! You will still make her happy.

She would consider you a great bonus.

3. She loves deeper and sweeter

Yes, she might be the alpha female type.

However, since she has not invested too many emotions in other people, you know that she still has that overflowing pure sensuality within.

When she decides that you’re the one for her, she will pour out that long-time reserve of romantic feelings on you.

She will express her love by doting on you, giving you what you need, being attentive, supporting you, and even satisfying you in bed.

This girl will do everything to make you happy – not because she’s desperate or afraid, but because she selflessly and deeply loves you.

She knows what true love means, even if she hasn’t been in many relationships.

And she knows that, because she’s mastered loving herself first.

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4. She is definitely seeking a long-term relationship

While you’re dating her, you don’t need to be worried about being cheated on.

She will stay faithful. She is mature enough to be committed and to keep her eyes just on you.

On top of that, she will be working it out with you when your relationship gets shaken by ordeals, big or small ones.

She’s not a quitter.

As someone who’s used to being alone, she has learned to solve different kinds of problems by herself.

Hence, the light of her wisdom shall lead you to the ‘forever’ path that is destined for you.

The best relationship of your life will be with the girl who’s used to being alone.

Because, the solitude in which she’s grown has made her cherish her very own worth.

It kept her pure and molded her into a soul with the best, exclusive qualities.

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Karla Crisostomo is a writer who focuses on dating, relationships, and love. For more of her dating content, visit her Twitter page.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.