Mother Theresa's Former Assistant Killed In Bar Fight

He was found dying in the street outside a pub.

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A 54-yea-old former assistant to Mother Theresa was killed, apparently in a bar fight in Wales last week.  Mark Bloomfield was found beaten outside a pub on Thursday July 18. He was transported to a hospital but he died on Saturday as a result of his injuries, apparently witout even being conscious enough to tell police what happened or who had hurt him. The police haven’t shared any public information about what led to the altercation and why he was beaten. They do have one suspect in custody but they are asking the public for more information about the incident.


Bloomfield was a dedicated charity worker, having spent many years overseas working with Mother Theresa to improve conditions for the poor in India, as well as extending aid into Africa and Thailand. He is survived by his mother and three siblings.

Who was Mark Bloomfield and what happened to him? Read on for all the details.

1. Fight

The New York Post reports that it is unclear what exactly happened on July 18 outside a pub in in Wales. The BBC notes that Bloomfield was found grievously injured outside the Full Moon pub and taken to a hospital, where he died three days later. One man is in custody but police are asking the public for help in providing more context to the events.


The cause of the assault is unclear. 

2. Mother Theresa

The BBC reports that Bloomfield had previously worked as a special assistant to Mother Theresa, the nun known for her work with impoverished people in Calcutta. He was said to be have been an essential contributor to her mission before her death in 1997. The Roman Catholic nun won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. She was recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint in 2016.



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Mother Teresa was sainted in 2016.

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3. Legacy of help

Radar Online reports that Bloomfield’s family released a statement about his life and work. He seems to have dedicated much of his life to helping others abroad, doing aid work in African and India. The statement read: “Mark Bloomfield built a legacy that will continue to live on in the countless lives that he encountered,” they said. “As special assistant to Mother Teresa in Calcutta, he was an essential contributor to her mission and to those she cared for.” The statement goes on to say: “In India, he organised free cataract surgery camps and founded schools that gave rare access to education for girls. In Africa, he helped preserve wild game by introducing ultralight aircraft to combat the onslaught of poachers."

He is survived by a mother and three siblings.


4. School

In addition to the projects mentioned by his family, The Heavy reported that he had provided the funding for a school in Motihari, Bihar, India. Sr. Mary Crescence, a Catholic nun of the order of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, was hoping to start a program to promote literacy in India and Thailand. The Free Schools World Literacy website says  “Following a chance meeting in Calcutta, Englishman Mark Bloomfield, a volunteer with Mother Teresa, provided Sr. Crescence funds to start the first school.  For three years, both financial and moral support came from Mark.” 

He did considerable charity work. 


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5. Investigation

Police are trying to figure out what happened on that fateful night. One man is reportedly in custody on charges of causing grievous bodily harm. Two other individuals were arrested but were later released.

In a Facebook post, the South Wales Police department wrote:  “A major incident room has been set up at Cockett Police Station and I am keen to hear from anyone who was inside the Full Moon Public House on High Street, Swansea, between 11.30am and 3.15pm on Thursday, July 18, and who may have witnessed an altercation taking place.”

The department added that they are also “…keen to hear from anyone who was on High Street later in the day, between 2pm and 3.15pm, who may have witnessed an incident outside the Full Moon Public House. Anyone with dashcam, mobile phone or CCTV footage from High Street, between 1pm and 3.15pm, is also urged to contact us. No matter how insignificant your information or content may seem, please do come forward as it could make all the difference to the investigation and to the victim’s family.”


6. Organ donor

His family noted that his spirit of charity to others continues after his death as an organ donor.

One suspect is in custody.


The police are continuing to seek information about the murder. According to their Facebook page, “South Wales Police can be contacted via 101, quoting occurrence 1900262179. Footage and Information can also be submitted online via a public portal:"

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