Brandon Theesfeld Shot His Ole Miss Classmate 8 Times —Why He Did It

She was shot 8 times.

Who Is Brandon Theesfeld? New Details About Ole Miss Student Ally Kostial's Killer And Why He Did It Lafayette County Sheriff's Office 

When a teenager starts their college experience they are in many respects just starting to dip their toes into the world of adult living. Sure, they still have classes and homework, but they are given more responsibilities, more freedom, and with it they will either flounder or flourish. Unfortunately, while college can feel like real life with training wheels, it isn't the safe bubble it always appears to be. Ally Kostial was on track to graduate next year and start on that big adventure called life. But unfortunately, there was a predator in her midst, by the name of Brandon Theesfeld, and she never saw him coming. Who is Brandon Theesfeld?


1. The News

The death of University of Mississippi student Ally Kostial was not what the police who found her body thought they would find when they set out on their routine police patrol, but that's exactly what happened. The police who found Ally's remains quickly reported that she was shot roughly eight times which killed her. Now, they have arrested a man and charged him with the Ole Miss student's slaying. 22-year-old Brandon Theesfeld, originally of Texas, was arrested on July 22nd in connection with the brutal attack. Currently, Theesfeld is being held at the Layfayette County Detention Center as the investigation into the murder of Alexandria, known as Ally, continues. As for a motive, the police are staying mum.  


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2. Foul Play 

When it comes to ongoing investigations, the police seldom if ever release critical details. They don't want to scare off any potential suspects nor do they want to inspire copycat criminals or solicit false confessions, both things that can hinder a case in a pretty major way. It's no different here, the police aren't saying much but they are saying that "it is apparent that foul play was involved." While Theesfeld was arrested and charged with suspected murder, no date has been set for a potential bond hearing. Theesfeld is also a student at Ole Miss, though what exactly his connection to Kostial may be isn't something that her friends, family, or the police are willing to comment on at this time, and who can blame them? 


3. Ally Kostial

The loss of Ally is one being felt not just as her school, but all over the country where she had countless friends and colleagues. According to her dad, Keith Kostial, Ally was at Ole Miss for the summer, where she was taking additional summer classes and teaching different fitness classes before her life was so cruelly taken from her. “We were visited by the Sunset Hills MO Police who communicated to us that our beautiful dear Alexandria (Ally) Kostial was the victim of a homicide,” her father said. “As of now, it is believed the crime happened in Lafayette County, Mississppi.” Ally was working hard, pursuing a degree in marketing and she was on track to graduate in 2020. 

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4. Last Sightings

According to local news sources, Ally was found about 20 miles away from the college campus, located in Oxford, Mississippi. The officers who found her did so while out on  a standard patrol in the mid-morning hours, at around 10:20 in the morning. Surveillance footage obtained by the police captured Kostial standing outside of a bar in Oxford's Square area, a popular hangout location for the students. On the video, instead of entering the bar, she turned and walked away from the camera. She returned to her home by midnight on Saturday but left again, according to her roommates who did not see her at any point during the brief period when she was back at home. 

5. A Community In Shock 

Ally's remains were found near Buford's Ridge, a popular but very rural area where people often get together to ride ATVs and to go fishing. On the weekend of her murder, the Buford Ridge area was flooded with high water meaning that the people who usually frequented the spot were likely not out partying due to the conditions. When neighbors in the area noticed the commotion they were utterly shocked that such a thing could happen in their own home. “I was sitting on the couch and saw the ambulance go by and was curious and went outside and then the next thing I know the coroner came by and two unmarked vehicles,” said neighbor Michelle Bramlett. “I just can’t imagine what the parents are going through right now and their family. It’s just very devastating.”


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6. A School In Mourning

On Sunday, the interim Chancellor of Ole Miss, Larry Sparks, issued a touching statement regarding the brutal crime. “We are truly saddened by the death of Alexandria Kostial. Ally was a valued member of our campus community. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family, friends, and classmates and stand ready to support them during this time. We appreciate the work of the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department and Coroner as they conduct their investigation.” The school isn't the only one speaking out, a friend of Kostial's Casey Hendrickson, said: “She was the happiest and most positive person in the world. The light that she brought into this world was amazing.”


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