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Navarone Garibaldi, Lisa Marie Presley's Brother, Arrested For DUI

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Who Is Lisa Marie Presley’s Brother? New Details On Navarone Garibaldi Who Was Arrested For DUI

Though the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, passed away in 1977, his legend continues to live on through his music. His family has also carried on his legacy. But the Presley family is also known for its fair share of addiction and alcoholism, with Elvis himself misusing drugs throughout his life.

It no doubt had an impact on his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who was hospitalized in 2016 after a drug binge, was abusing cocaine and other opioids in 2015, and secretly entered a rehab facility for treatment. But recently, another member of the Presley family has found themselves in trouble with the law. 

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Who is Lisa Marie Presley’s brother? 


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Navarone Garibaldi, Pricilla Presley’s child with ex-partner Marco Garibaldi, was sentenced to probation for an incident that occurred in 2009. On November 8, 2009, Garibaldi was arrested for DUI, charged with having a blood alcohol level higher than .08 percent (his BAC was .13 percent), according to court documents.

Garibaldi, 32, pleaded not guilty in 2010 to the charges, and the case was dismissed by the court.

But a judge found that Garibaldi was guilty of a second offense. He was sentenced to 36 months of probation, and must complete an alcohol and drug prevention program, but will serve no jail time. 

Lisa Marie’s half-brother is a musician, and though he is unrelated to Elvis, he’s the frontman of the band Them Guns. He formed the band in Los Angeles, selling out shows in the area. Garibaldi says his musical influences include “Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Kings of Leon to the likes of the Chemical Brothers.” It’s quite a different sound than the King of Rock and Roll!


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This also isn’t the first time the Presley family has been subjected to drama like this. In 2018, Priscilla Presley claimed that Marco was a con man. The couple split in 2006 and before that, she alleges he conned her “into thinking his last name was the noble-sounding Garibaldi and his wealthy Italian family moved to Brazil when he was a tot.” The truth? He was born in Brazil, but changed his last name to impress people in Hollywood, and made up the whole thing!

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According to an insider for RadarOnline, “He comes from a middle-class Brazilian family but was told when he moved to the U.S. he’d never make it if he had a Hispanic-sounding last name. He told everyone, including Priscilla, he was from a very important Italian family. It was all a lie.”

The truth allegedly came out when Navarone and Lisa Marie received text messages from a teenage Brazilian relative. Says the source:

“At first, Navarone didn’t believe this kid, but the messages were persistent. When Navarone confronted his father about it, Marco blew up and told his son to never speak to him again. Marco has a terrible, intimidating temper. But Navarone immediately flew down to Brazil to meet his relatives. Marco hasn’t spoken to his son since. Navarone can’t believe he grew up thinking he was Italian and all this time he was Brazilian. It was a real core-shaker for him.”


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And that’s not all. Priscilla also alleges that Marco lived off her for the 22 years they were together. She gave him a Westwood condo when they split, and he may have even had access to Elvis’ fortune. Family members also claim that Priscilla is still sending him support.

The source also added a few tidbits:

“This guy would have had access to Elvis’ fortune. They must have spent up to $50 million while they were together funding his lavish lifestyle. Her attitude was very much that what was hers was also his — and he took full advantage. Marco would have you think he’s this huge success story. He holds court at elite West Hollywood hotels and poolside cabanas, and surrounds himself with powerful people. 

But no one can tell you what he has really done for money in the past 30 years. Everyone’s scared of him. Even his own family in Brazil was too scared to contact Navarone and tell him the truth for fear of Marco’s wrath. He’s going to be absolutely furious when his big secret gets out.”


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For now, Navarone Garibaldi is lucky he avoided jail time altogether.

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