Famed Starcraft Commentator Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson Dead At 33 — What We Know

Rest in peace, Geoff.

How Did Geoff Robinson Die? New Details On The Famed Starcraft Commentator Who Died Suddenly At The Age Of 33 Instagram

His death was announced suddenly, and with great finality, in a tweet that was pinned to the top of his Twitter page. The tweet was written by his family, and sent a shockwave through the gaming world. How did Geoff Robinson die?

Let's look at what we know about this sudden, and unfortunate, tragedy. 


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1. Geoff Robinson died on July 20, 2019. 

According to Polygon, Geoff Robinson — best known as both a gamer and a commentator on the game StarCraft — died on July 20, 2019. His death was unexpected, as the night before he'd died, he'd uploaded a stream to Twitch. His death also rocked the Dungeons & Dragons community, who knew him as a special presence in their world, as well. 

"While Robinson hosted streams playing Dungeons and Dragons as well as a variety of strategy games, he was widely known for his presence in the StarCraft community. Robinson originally competed in StarCraft: Brood War, and became one of the first players to test StarCraft 2 before its beta. He once played professionally for esports organization Evil Geniuses," reported the outlet.


Geoff Robinson was only 33 when he died. 

2. His grieving family requested donations to his favorite charity. 

According to ComicBook.com, when Robinson passed away suddenly, his family made a statement requesting donations in his name in lieu of flowers and other condolences. 


"We ask privacy as his family works to understand what happened and make arrangements. To honor Geoff or offer comfort to his family, we suggest donations to @SoCalBulldog, which he loved. Geoff is deeply loved across many communities and we’re all working to make sure his affairs are in order as he’d want. BARRISTAN is safe in the care of friends, and family will share words of remembrance when they are ready. Let’s live today in his example of love and laughter," said the statement, according to the outlet.

Geoff Robinson's family asked his fans to donate to charity in lieu of flowers. 


3. Geoff Robinson had announced that he would be streaming a new game on the day he died. 

Another reason that Robinson's death came as such a shock to the community is because, according to the New York Post, he'd said that he would stream himself playing a new, highly-anticipated game. 

"Robinson had been streaming Friday and had excitedly announced plans to play a new game, Gloomhaven, on the day he died. He also recently complained his “nuts” travel schedule which was due to take him around the US, Europe and Canada in the coming months," reported the outlet.

Geoff Robinson liked independent bands, as well.


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4. Even his ex-wife was "shocked" at his sudden passing. 

According to Click Lancashire, an independent blog catering to the British gaming community, Geoff Robinson's ex-wife Anna Prosser was contacted after the news of his death was announced. Even she was surprised at what had happened. 

"Robinson's ex-wife Anna Prosser stated that nothing she posted "would properly express my grief and shock" and praised Geoff for always being "a beacon of love, laughter and leadership," reported the outlet.

Geoff Robinson was beloved by all he came in contact with. 


5. Geoff Robinson was one of the top players in North America. 

ESPN reported that Geoff Robinson, who was known as a "gamer," qualified for ESPN coverage because he was an "esportster." Their profile pointed out that he worked his way up the gaming world quickly, and became one of the top gamers in North America. 

"Robinson first began competing in StarCraft: Brood War and eventually transitioned into StarCraft II like many of his peers. He became a top North American professional player and later the captain of team Evil Geniuses' StarCraft team. Following his retirement from competition, Robinson became a well-known and respected commentator, analyst and talk show host. He hosted various online talk shows and would frequently livestream on Twitch. He was a staple of commentary and analysis at major StarCraft events," reported the outlet.

Geoff Robinson was one of the top players in North America. 


6. His cause of death from a blood clot in the lungs. 

According to TechSpot, Geoff Robinson's cause of death was still unknown, although he'd been rumored to be suffering from a "mysterious illness" at the time of his death, and that he'd been going back and forth to the hospital. Later, his family confirmed on Twitter that he'd suffered from a blood clot in the lungs, and passed away peacefully.

Our thoughts are with Geoff Robinson and his family during this difficult time. 

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