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Rapper Blueface Claims To Be Best Lyricist In Rap; Backlash Ensues

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Who Is Blueface? New Details On Rapper Who Claims To Be Best Lyricist In Rap

Do you ever lay in bed after a long day at work, ruminating over the world's greatest mysteries? Is there a higher power? Would you kill a stranger to save a loved one? Who is the greatest lyricist in rap? While we may never know the powers of the universe or the ethics of morality, we can finally answer the question that's been keeping us all up at nights. Who is the best lyricist in rap? Blueface. How do we know this? He told us. The master of wordplay has little regard for rhythm or flow, but it goes practically unnoticed thanks to the words he chooses so carefully and masterfully. This is truly what proves to us that he is the Robert Frost of our generation. But what do we know of this, our patron saint of word association? The "Thotiana" Rapper is equal parts lyrical monarchy and mystery. Who is Blueface?

1. Blueface isn't his real name

Believe me or don't believe me but what I am about to tell you is true. Blueface isn't the rapper's real name. His given name is Jonathan Porter. He was born January 20, 1997. He adorned his body with the symbol for Aquarius to commemorate the occasion. He also has many other tattoos. He has a large portrait of Benjamin Franklin on his face! When asked about it he said: “Can’t quit with no big-ass Benji on your face. Ain’t nobody f*cking with you.” I personally see where hes coming from and I couldn't agree more. Benjamin Franklin is as we all know on the 100 dollar bill, which he cleverly uses to symbolize his aim to make a fortune. Also, who is more "lit" than Benjamin Franklin? He's electric!


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2. He doesn't claim to be the best rapper

Blueface has said it once, he's said it a thousand times, he's said it until he was — wait for it —blue in the face. His sound isn't for everyone. His flow is different because it focuses more on the off beats. He is an acquired taste. But he says that you cannot argue that he isn't the best lyricist in the rap game today. When asked about it he said: “I might not have the best flow, sound...but when it comes to wordplay, cuz, come on bro.”  Rapper Dotem has said that he's obviously trolling when he says this. He said: "No one takes Blueface seriously" he added that he "isn't the best lyricist in rap, he's not even a lyricist period! He's just taking advantage of the press he's been getting lately. Whether or not he is a great lyricist or not, he is for sure a shrewd business man.


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3. He was accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

And no we aren't talking about his sick rhymes. We're talking about guns. A lot of guns. Apparently back in November of 2018, two cars opened fire on one another. Blueface was riding in a car that hit the divider. When the police arrived, the rapper was detained along with two other people. It was revealed that the rapper was robbed at a gas station, which led to the shoot out. Unfortunately for Blueface, a few months later he was arrested with two other men, as they were caught attempting to ditch the weapons. He has been officially charged with possession of a loaded firearm, which if convicted, could land him up to three years in prison. His trial is set for August 18, 2019. As I'm sure the wordsman is aware, sticks and stones may break our bones but WORDS will never hurt us. GUNS however, will land us in jail.


A post shared by Blueface (@bluefacebleedem) on Jul 19, 2019 at 12:06pm PDT

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4. He kicked out his mom and sister in favor of polygamy.

Blueface, his mom, and his sister were all living together at his LA residence. Blueface, who was in not one, but two committed relationships, decided to take both relationships to the next level by inviting both women to move in with him. One of his girlfriends upset his sister as she failed to greet her as she entered the home. This led to an altercation between Blueface, his mother and his sister. There is a video of the rapper chasing his mom and sister out of his house while they threaten to call the police. Later that evening, Blueface posted a video of him and his girlfriends cuddling up on the couch. For the Stop Cappin' rapper, nothing will stand in the way of true loves.


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5. Modesty isn't important to the rapper.

When the rapper first came on the scene he released a toe tapping little diddy called "Put It In Her Face." The controversy about this song wasn't the disrespectfully worded title but the image that was associated with the track. When it was released, the cover art was a picture of exactly what Blueface expected to put in her face. As the story goes, he was being trolled by fans online, saying that his chains were fake. To prove their validity, he posted a video in which he dropped all of his chains on his body. However due to an unfortunate camera angle, fans got a good shot of his feisty old face finder. He decided that when you are faced with adversity in advertising, it is best if you can control your own narrative. He released the track, with his member on display. When asked why he did this he was quoted saying: "“If I’mma go out with a d*ck pic, it’s gonna be a good one. So I had to ‘Put It in Her Face.’”


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6. He has a new album coming out.

He has a new album coming out on July 26, 2019. A lot of people say that he is taking advantage of the press around him right now, and hoping that all of the controversy will help with record sales. I hope for him that is the case because it seems like there is a lot of turmoil in the young rappers life. Regardless of the reasoning behind his recent stint in the limelight, I know I for one will be tuning in to see what happens for the young lyricists next!


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