FBI Hunting For 'Con Queen Of Hollywood' After Marvel Film Executive Scammed — All The Details Of Con

Someone call the Marvel squad to come help out Victoria!

Who Is Victoria Alonzo? New Details On Marvel Film Executive Being Impersnated By 'Con Queen Of California' Instagram

Victoria Alonzo was born on December 22, 1965 in Buenos Aries Argentina. She is most known for her work as a producer for the Iron Man movies, Kingdom of Heaven, and Avengers: Endgame. But what else? She is a working mother of a young daughter who thinks her mother is the greatest superhero of them all. She is also the Executive Vice President of Production for Marvel. She is a powerhouse of a woman and a great role model for a lot of young women out there who want to see a woman who truly found a way to "have it all. Recently, however there have been some problems for Alonso as she has been part of the Hollywood scam involving the infamous Con Queen of California. So in the wake of these new claims, we need to ask ourselves, who is Victoria Alonzo?


1. She is a loving mother

She has a young daughter who is around 9 years old. She lives her life to make her daughter proud. Alonso spoke at the time she went to her daughter's career day saying, “I’ve done career day, and then the teachers this year invited me to do a change maker thing, which was a big deal. It was a big deal to me begin with. And then she repeated for about 5 weeks out loud, ‘My mommy’s a change maker. My mommy’s a change maker'.” Alonso's daughter is too young to see all of the movies she makes, but she makes sure to tell her daughter the importance of each film. Not the importance to the world or to society, but to Alonso herself. She teaches her daughter the importance of her career so her daughter will always feel she can do anything she sets her mind to.



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2. Alonso doesn't like the Avengers Films!

This is a little hyperbolic. She does in fact like the films for their heart and for their courage. But in general she finds action films to be boring. She was quoted saying, “I love our movies, if you have a movie that is out there and if it’s La La Land or Juno or 12 Years a Slave or Moonlight, I would rather go see those movies than a superhero movie. I do see our movies because I think they have a heart and they have a message. And they have more than one message, and it’s really up to you to see it. You know, you can peel our movies like an onion and find it, and eventually, you might cry.”



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3. She was recently scammed by the Con Queen of California.

When the news of this came out, Alonzo was heartbroken. As down to earth and grounded as she is, she couldn't believe that someone would use her persona to rob other people. She was quoted saying, "It is a horrible, horrible thing. I've had an unimpeachable 30 year career. That somebody is claiming I have done these things — I've spent many, many sleepless nights". 



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4. Who is the Con Queen of California?

The identity of the Con Queen is unknown. She has remained anonymous for more than two years now. She has impersonated nearly two dozen prominent Hollywood execs including Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, former Paramount chairman Stacy Lansing and former co-chair of Sony Entertainment Amy Pascal. The con woman contacts aspiring actors, artists and film execs, pretending to be these women in power, and makes them believe that they have career opportunities on the horizon.



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5. Why does she do this?

It seems our sneaky little gal has a few motives. They are mostly monetary but some of them are sexual in nature. She baits her marks into believing that she is a high powered executive, under the guise of a name stolen from women who are just that. She talks to them about an upcoming project that she wants them involved in. She has them fly to Indonesia, on their own dime, and has them pay their own travel expenses, which she promises she will reimburse. But how does she get the money? Authorities believe that the marks are met at the airport in Indonesia by the con woman's "money man." He meets them on the tarmac and asks them to had over small sums of money, either for their hotel, their translator, their travel expenses and promises reimbursement which never comes. 


Sometimes while she is talking to the unwitting up and comers on the phone she intimidates them into a more intimate conversation. She offers them jobs, but implies that they will only be brought on if they are willing to perform sexual favors for her over the phone. Some reported cases happened over Skype, where the con woman never turned her camera on.



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6. What did the con woman do, when pretending to be Alonso?

While acting as Alonso, she fooled a stunt man into thinking that he would be doing stunt work for the actor who was to replace Jeremy Renner. They made him fly to Indonesia before he realized he'd been duped. In other cases, it has been reported that the con woman would first impersonate casting director, Sarah Flynn, who would tell the aspiring actors that Alonso wanted to see if they were right for the parts. She would then (acting as Alonso) urge the actors to role play with her over the phone, as marvel characters in sexually explicit scenarios.  


7. Scandal aside

Scandal or no scandal, Alonso is a force. As a woman and an immigrant who came to America and had great success in the film industry, she is a woman to be celebrated. In these modern times we need to raise up the women in the world who are doing amazing things. And I think we can all agree that Victoria Alonso and the whole Marvel team are doing amazing things. I hope her name isn't associated with this Con-Artist for long, and I hope we can all take a minute to appreciate all of the wonderful work she has contributed to modern film.


As for the Con Queen, the FBI is working hard to track her down. In the meantime there is a website the FBI has set up for anyone who thinks they might have been a victim of this scam.



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