Man Meets Woman On Dating App, Kills Her And Turns Gun On Himself

He met his victim on Plenty of Fish.

Who Is Victor Crisan? New Details About Las Vegas Man At Center Of Dating App Murder Suicide KVVU-TV

Juliane Kellner, 42, and Victor Crisan, 39, met on a dating website called Plenty of Fish. According to her son, Brandon Wilt, 21, the two had been seeing each other for at least a month before they were found dead on July 10th inside an apartment in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada. The last time anyone saw her was on June 28th. Kellner’s roommate in Las Vegas reported her missing a few days later on July 2nd, a day after she didn’t show up to work, which was apparently “unlike her.” Friends found her cell phone and then her abandoned car in the parking lot of an apartment building. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this is the first domestic murder-suicide case in Henderson this year. Who is Victor Crisan?


Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kellner moved to Las Vegas in December of 2017 after completing a 12-month drug rehab program at Refuge for Women.

Upon her release, she got involved with a church and began sharing her recovery story. In the YouTube video below you can see Kellner discussing her struggles with human trafficking and drug addiction. “When she got connected with God, she changed a lot of people's lives,” Brandon Wilt, her son, told KTNV. “She was very, very outgoing. She loved to be around people, she could talk to anybody. She could make anybody laugh. It could be the hardest times and she was always trying to cheer you up.” In a presentation last January, Kellner shared the following about her journey with members of her church: “Menial jobs, unhealthy relationships…they were all welcomed with open arms believing that even life’s leftovers were more than I deserved. Now when I look at my life I can do it with my eyes wide open,” she said. “I know my story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices and ugly truth, but it also has a major comeback. … I don’t know exactly what God has in store for me. I don’t know how my story will end, but I do know this: Nowhere in the text will it ever read, ‘She gave up.’" Wilt son started a GoFundMe page where you can donate to help cover funeral expenses for this remarkable woman.


2. Kellner and Crisan met on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

The site, which launched in 2003, now goes by POF. It's popular primarily in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and the United States, and is available in nine languages. Its biggest draw is that its completely free. There's an old saying—you get what you pay for—and when it comes to POF, that seems to ring all too true in this case.

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3. They found her car near the apartment in which their bodies were found.

After much delay, police finally located her vehicle, along with her cellphone, on June 30 near an apartment in the 600 block of Whitney Ranch Drive, where Crisan may or may not have lived. Police conducted a welfare check on July 10, which is when they “discovered a deceased adult female and adult male inside the residence with apparent gunshot wounds.”

4. Crisan shot Kellner in the chest, and then himself in the head.

He was publicly identified by The Clark County Coroner’s Office on July 15th. TThe families were nfirst. Wilt said he frequently talked to his mom via text or social media—until he got a call on July 5th that she was missing. “She was doing so well in life I think that she was trying to still move forward,” he said. “I think she was trying to find somebody to connect with. She wouldn’t have put herself in this position on purpose, that's for sure. I think she was just trying to find somebody that she could love and got tied up with the wrong person.”


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5. ​There hasn't been any public speculation about a potential motive for the murder-suicide.

Victor Crisan seems to have been a pretty private person during his life. There are no social media profiles clearly linked to him. Some online records mention a 39-year-old by the same name with a residence in Henderson, Nevada, though. His birthday is listed as May 7, 1980, which matches up with the reported age of this Victor Crisan.


6. Crisan appears to have family in Alaska.

Records seem to indicate that he has family members living in Anchorage, Alaska. Other records show that he had two traffic violations in the state. Unfortunately, not much else about him is available online.

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