Amber Portwood Might Be Pregnant Again, And 'Teen Mom' Fans Aren't Happy About It

Still messy after all these years.

Amber Portwood Might Be Pregnant Again, And 'Teen Mom' Fans Aren't Happy Abou instagram

Amber Portwood first came into our collective consciousness when she appeared on "Teen Mom." Since then, she's made an entire cottage industry out of being, well, little more than a teen mom. But now, she's told her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, and his wife that her period is more than a few days late. So the question begs itself: is Amber Portwood pregnant again?

Let's look at what we know about this new development. 

1. She dropped the bombshell at her kid's birthday party. 

According to The Cheat Sheet, Amber Portwood first dropped the bombshell about her potential pregnancy at her son James' first birthday party. 


"As Portwood is getting ready for her son, James’, first birthday party, she told her ex, Gary Shirley, and his wife that she is five days late for her period. She said it’s unusual for it to be late, and doesn’t necessarily want another baby. However, Portwood would be content if she is pregnant because, “when you’re with a good man, it’s okay," reports the outlet.

Amber Portwood is relishing in the attention being potentially pregnant is giving her. 


2. This would be her third child ... and her third baby daddy. 

According to a separate report for The Cheat Sheet, if it turns out that Amber Portwood is indeed pregnant, it would be her third child ... and her third baby daddy. 

"Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood can be heard teasing that she might be pregnant again on a clip previewing this week’s episode. She’s carrying a bag of gifts and tells the camera: “I might be pregnant again.” Portwood, at the moment, has two children, including one with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. Portwood and Glennon had their son James in May 2018. Portwood had her other child, her daughter Leah, with her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley," reports the outlet.

Sheesh, Amber — give yourself a rest a little! 

Amber Portwood is known for being a little messy. 


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3. People aren't exactly being supportive of Amber Portwood this time around. 

According to Pop Culture, while fans of Teen Mom OG have been supportive of even the worst type of behavior from the cast, even they seem to have reached their limit when it comes to Amber Portwood's potential third pregnancy. 

"What's wrong with these friggin people ... having kids all the time by different men and none of them [are] married ... their parents raised them right didn't they," one Twitter user wrote, most conservatively. "This show is [too] much. Give a baby up. Dad has custody of another one. And here we go again having another baby," another chimed in on Facebook. "This show is really the [opposite] of what they we're trying for. When are they going to stop making it seem ok to have babies when [they're] not in the right state of mind. They can't keep a relationship with one man. Stop while you're ahead.... Please...Children are not accessories," wrote the outlet.

Don't hold back now — tell us how you really feel!


Amber Portwood is getting a bit of a backlash from fans. 

4. But don't worry — she's not pregnant. 

According to OK! Magazine, fans of Teen Mom OG needn't worry, because she's not pregnant. 

"Amber Portwood had a lot to celebrate … but was a positive pregnancy test one of them?! The mother-of-two celebrated her and Andrew Glennon‘s son James‘ first birthday with their friends and family. However, the party took a brief pause when she dropped a baby bombshell. Amber admitted that she MIGHT be pregnant and everyone was speechless. While discussing a possible baby, her mother, Tonya, dropped a marriage bombshell, which left them both speechless. Later on, Amber took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Both Amber and Andrew realized it’s better to wait and take things slow," reports the outlet.


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