Is Farrah Abraham Pregnant? New Details On Whether The 'Teen Mom' OG Is Expecting

is Farrah Abraham pregnant

We’ve been following Farrah Abraham’s journey ever since her appearance on 16 and Pregnant, when she dealt with an unplanned pregnancy in the wake of her boyfriend’s passing. Since then, she has made a name for herself by appearing on Teen Mom, Teen Mom OG, Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother, and, who could forget, Backdoor Teen Mom.

She’s also stirred up some controversy, particularly with her family. Her contentious relationship with her parents began when she was a child, when she alleges her parents beat her with a belt, and continued through her television appearances.

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Given her reputation, many wonder whether or not she’ll ever have another child. So, is Farrah Abraham pregnant? Well, she’s certainly not one to miss out on an opportunity to get another 15 minutes of fame.

On July 26th, Abraham posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story, using language that would suggest she’s currently pregnant:

“The bun that’s in my oven is my business,” she wrote. I mean, what did she expect people to assume?

Don’t get too excited, though, because things are not as they seem after all. She spoke directly with HollywoodLife and confirmed, “I’m totally not pregnant, the message I posted on my Instagram stories is solely about me focusing on my business right now and putting all my effort into that.”

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Okay, so she’s not pregnant, but that post didn’t exactly use the best choice of words, right? Maybe she could have addressed it in a different way.

But not too long ago, Abraham did have a pregnancy scare. Back in January, she made a post on Snapchat that said, “Oh my gosh, I had a pregnancy scare,” while using the cat filter with a squeaky voice. “Girls, watch your expiration dates that is on your birth control. I'm going to tell you a little bit later because I gotta go take care of it,” she said.

But, yet again, it just seems like another cry for attention. That, or it may have been a dig at fellow ex-castmate Amber Portwood, who took a pregnancy test and found out she was, indeed, pregnant. Yes, Abraham is what you'd call a hater.

The good news is she’s not planning on having kids anytime soon, at least not accidental ones. She’s admitted her daughter Sophia would love a younger brother or sister, but Abraham is not in a place where she wants another child quite yet. So, you can let out a big sigh of relief now.

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