Tomi Lahren Engaged To NFL Contract Advisor Brandon Fricke

It's a match made in Fox News heaven.

Who Is Tomi Lahren's Fiancé? New Details On Brandon Fricke And Their Relationship Instagram

There really is someone for everyone! Conservative blogger and commentator Tomi Lahren is no fan of liberals so it stands to reason that when she fell in love, it'd be with someone of her own political bent. And that's exactly what happened! Tomi is engaged to NFL contract advisor Brandon Fricke! It's a red state match made in heaven, y'all. The two have been dating for a bit more than a year. Who is Brandon Fricke?


1. How did they meet?

It's a modern-day romance! Fricke slid into Lahren's DMs on Instagram back in March 2017. Fricke sent her a direct message after she was criticized by Glenn Beck. He told her to "stay strong" and invited her to dinner but she never responded to that DM. They met IRL nine months later, and Fricke wasn't going to let her get away. To celebrate the two-year anniversary of that DM, Fricke took to his Instagram and said: "Outside of @tomilahren I think maybe five people might know that two years ago I sent her a DM on the 20th of March saying “stay strong, stay true to yourself, and don’t apologize for your views. Glenn Beck is an irrelevant hack who has been way over his head for years now. You are a star for common sense conservatives in this country.” You can see I also invited her to dinner in LA if she was ever here haha...she never saw it/never responded and while I like to give her crap that she didn’t respond to me I think it’s an important lesson that life doesn’t happen on social media...I was fortunate enough to meet her in person 9 months later and I made the most out of that chance opportunity. Here we are are two years later after that DM and she is my real life #WCW in all honesty I feel like a total loser for ever sending her that DM because after really knowing Tomi it was never a question that she wasn’t going to stay strong, stay true to herself, and never apologize for being right. Your strength and perseverance are an inspiration to me everyday."



A post shared by Brandon Fricke (@bfricketion) on Mar 20, 2019 at 8:02am PDT

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2. He played college football

Fricke is originally from Chico, California. According to his LinkedIn profile, Brandon Fricke played college football at Central Michigan University. He was the backup quarterback. He attended San Diego's Grossmont College, then transferred to Central Michigan where he got his bachelor's degree in Sports Studies. He received his MS in Management from Arizona State University. He currently lives in the Los Angeles area in Hermosa Beach and is an NFLPA (NFL Player's Association) Licensed Contract Advisor. He works as an NFL Contract Advisor. 



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3. How did the proposal go down?

Brandon and Tomi were enjoying a weekend in New York City when Fricke popped the question with a pear-shaped diamond. The couple is over the moon and both took to their Instagram accounts to share their joy. Lahren wrote: "I love you more and those are my Final Thoughts and you are my forever, she wrote in the caption, adding, "6/29/19 #Iloveyou#teamTomi #foreverandalways

Fricke wrote: "Last night my best friend said YES! I love you @tomilahren"



A post shared by Brandon Fricke (@bfricketion) on Jun 30, 2019 at 4:44pm PDT

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4. He's as conservative as Tomi

On his Instagram page, Fricke includes a link to a pro-Donald Trump merchandise website called Not My President Calendar. The 'About' section of that website addresses the confusing name, saying: “We know our name might make Conservatives pause, but don’t fear, each image is a comical reminder of who is Not Your President…Donald Trump Is Your President!” According to Heavy Fricke is actively raising money for Great America PAC, a pro-Donald Trump Super PAC. 


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