Chris Martin Spotted Kissing 23-Year-Old Dua Lipa At Glastonbury Festival Just Weeks After Split From Dakota Johnson


Are Chris Martin And Dua Lipa Dating? New Details On How They Were Spotted Kissing Just Weeks After His Split From Dakota Johnson Instagram 

When Chris Martin split from Gwenyth Paltrow, any celeb stalker worth their salt was following his relationship path to see when he'd find his next happily ever after. When it seemed to arrive in the form of Dakota Johnson, there was much rejoicing to be done. But then, two years later, the couple hit the skids and Chris was left to go it solo once more. 

OR WAS HE? New rumors are circulating about 42-year-old Chris Martin and a new potential love: 23-year-old Dua Lipa! So what's the deal, what's the haps? Were they just caught smooching after one too many brews or could they be headed for wedded bliss...Are Chris Martin and Dua Lipa dating?


1. Glastonbury 

Chris Martin, 42, is back on the market after his split from his ex, 50 Shades star Dakota Johnson. It's only been two weeks since the plucky pair called it quits, and it seems like at least Chris isn't having a hard time about the fact that it's time for them to move on. He was spotted kissing singer Dua Lipa at the Glastonbury Music Festival! 


"As soon as Chris caught Dua’s eye, he was over like a shot — and he didn’t leave her side all night. She seemed happy to be in his company and even introduced him to her family. They were all talking together for ages but whenever Chris could get Dua all to himself he would be really flirty with her," said a source to The Sun.

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2. Chemistry 

According to the same source, the chemistry between the two stars was totally off the charts and they weren't shy about who saw them. “There was clearly a lot of chemistry between them — and when they headed to the Guerilla bar in the Shangri-La area, he saw his moment and they shared a kiss!" It may sound like they're a sure bet, but let's slow this down.

We all know that when you break up with someone you have a world of different reactions. Some people wouldn't dream of even smiling at another potential love interest for weeks, while others find real solace in rebounding as hard as they can with a new partner. That all begs the question, what's going on here, is it a rebound or real love between the two stars?

3. Future?

If the sources speaking up in the press know just how for real this new connection is, they are staying relatively mum about it: “Chris is really keen on Dua but they are both having fun being newly free and single so neither know where the flirtation might end up,” they said. Hmm, sure it's an anonymous source but this seems like it could be an honest take. 


Of course, there's something we need to keep in mind here and that's the history between the two. That's right I said they have history. In case you are not a diehard celeb gossip hound, allow me to remind you that back in 2017 Chris and Dua were also spotted kissing. So it's clear they like to suck face. Less clear: do they want to have a go at anything more?

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4. His Split 

Chris Martin's love life has been in the public eye pretty much since he married and then consciously uncoupled Gwyneth Paltrow. Ever since those two split, eyes have been on Chris's every move to see who he might settle down and make family number two with. When he met Dakota Johnson, it seemed like he'd found a winner, even Gwyneth approved! 

The couple was happy together for about two years, though they never publicly confirmed their relationship. There were even rumors swirling that an engagement and a marriage couldn't be fair behind. But abruptly, the duo split leading to countless photos of her looking sad and him being in the proximity of other ladies. 

5. Her Split 

Chris isn't the only half of this lip-lock who has a storied romantic past. If Chris isn't ready for something serious because he just ended a relationship himself, chances are that's a feeling that Dua can relate to. The singer recently split with Isaac Carew pretty recently too. 


Though the rumors are that the split was amicable, chances are that Dua is feeling the same way that Chris is feeling: it's just too soon to jump into something new. That said, these two clearly have a connection and chances are if they connect in the future they might really have the chance to go the distance. 

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