50 Best Baby Names That Start With The Letter M

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50 Baby Names That Start With the Letter M

Expecting a little one soon, or helping a friend land on a choice for baby names? Maybe you're planning far into the future for your perfect baby name that starts with the letter M.

We have compiled a list of 50 unique baby names and everything you need to know about them. With popular names like Myles, Meredith, Melissa, and more, we have sifted through names from every origin to help you pick the best one for your little bundle of joy!

You probably already know the top "M" names, but if you're looking for a name that means a little more and has a little more meaning, these top names were some of our favorites.

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1. Mercy

Origin: English

Meaning: Merciful and compassionate 

2. Mara

Origin: English and Hebrew

Meaning: Bitter, the biblical Naomi claimed the name Mara as an expression of grief

3. Madison

Origin: American and English

Meaning: Son of Maud

4. Madeline

Origin: French

Meaning: Woman from Magdala, high tower

5. Marissa

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Of the sea

6. Miriam

Origin: Armenian and Hebrew

Meaning: Rebellious, an original variant of Mary

7. Melody

Origin: Greek and Persian

Meaning: Song

8. Matilda

Origin: German and Swedish

Meaning: Mighty battle maiden, brave in war

9. Meredith

Origin: Celtic and Welsh

Meaning: Magnificent chief or protector

10. Mabel

Origin: English

Meaning: Lovable

11. Maia

Origin: Greek, Hebrew, Latin

Meaning: Goddess of spring and growth, close to God, Daughter of Atlas

12. Maribel 

Origin: French

Meaning: Beautiful

13. Maggy

Origin: English

Meaning: Pearl

14. Millie

Origin: German

Meaning: Strength, determination

15. Margot

Origin: French

Meaning: Pearl

16. Maat

Origin: Egyptian 

Meaning: Order, truth, justice

17. Maeve

Origin: Celtic and Irish

Meaning: Intoxicating, the name of the great Irish warrior queen

18. Maha

Origin: African and Arabic

Meaning: Beautiful eyes, wild cow

19. Matina

Origin: Latin and Spanish

Meaning: Warlike 

20. Melina

Origin: Latin and Greek

Meaning: Honey 

21. Manning

Origin: English

Meaning: Son of a Hero

22. Marley

Origin: English

Meaning: Near the meadow by the lake

23. Maxine

Origin: French and Latin 

Meaning: Greatest 

24. Mika

Origin: Finnish and Hebrew

Meaning: Gift from God

25. Misha

Origin: Russian

Meaning: Who is like the Lord

26. Maddox

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Beneficent

27. Malek

Origin: Arabic 

Meaning: King and owner

28. Malyn

Origin: English

Meaning: Little warrior

29. Marcel

Origin: French

Meaning: Warlike, hammer

30. Marvin

Origin: Celtic and English

Meaning: Lives by the sea, friend of the sea

31. Mathew

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gift of God

32. Mayne

Origin: French and German

Meaning: Powerful

33. Milo

Origin: English and Greek

Meaning: Soldier, destroyer

34. Morgan

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Circling sea

35. Mackenzie

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Cold of the fair or wise one

36. Macon

Origin: English

Meaning: To make, a variant of Mason

37. Madu

Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: Of the people

38. Maged

Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: Glorious 

39. Magni

Origin: Norse

Meaning: One of the seven gods of the Aerir

40. Magnild

Origin: German

Meaning: Strong battle maiden

41. Maher

Origin: Arabic and Irish

Meaning: Skilled, skillful, generous

42. Mahta

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Moonlight

43. Melvin

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Leader or chief

44. Merrill

Origin: English and Teutonic

Meaning: Shining sea, famous

45. Mila

Origin: Persian and Russian

Meaning: Stork, favor of the people 

46. Mildred

Origin: English

Meaning: Gentle counselor

47. Mirabelle

Origin: French

Meaning: Wonderful

48. Merrick

Origin: Teutonic and Welsh

Meaning: Strong ruler, dark-skinned, a moor

49. Murphy

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Sea warrior 

50. Myles

Origin: English and Greek

Meaning: Merciful, destroyer

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In addition to these lovely baby names that start with the letter "M," we've added some additional options, including the top boys and girls names of 2018, and the top 100 names of 2019. Hopefully, they offer inspiration if you're looking for more ideas, courtesy of

Top 5 girls names for 2018

  1. Olivia
  2. Amelia
  3. Isla
  4. Emily
  5. Ava

Top 5 boys names for 2018

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Elijah
  4. Logan
  5. Mason

Top 100 names of 2019

1. Emma

2. Liam

3. Noah

4. Olivia

5. Ava

6. Isabella

7. Sophia

8. Elijah

9. Logan

10. Mia

11. Mason

12. James

13. Aiden

14. Ethan

15. Lucas

16. Jacob

17. Michael

18. Matthew

19. Benjamin

20. Amelia

21. Charlotte

22. Alexander

23. William

24. Daniel

25. Jayden

26. Oliver

27. Carter

28. Sebastian

29. Joseph

30. David

31. Abigail

32. Emily

33. Gabriel

34. Julian

35. Jackson

36. Anthony

37. Harper

38. Evelyn

39. Dylan

40. Wyatt

41. Madison

42. Grayson

43. Isaiah

44. Christopher

45. Joshua

46. Victoria

47. Christian

48. Samuel

49. Andrew

50. Mateo

51. Sofia

52. Jaxon

53. Josiah

54. John

55. Scarlett

56. Luke

57. Aria

58. Ryan

59. Elizabeth

60. Camila

61. Nathan

62. Layla

63. Isaac

64. Owen

65. Ella

66. Henry

67. Levi

68. Aaron

69. Caleb

70. Chloe

71. Zoey

72. Jeremiah

73. Lincoln

74. Landon

75. Adrian

76. Hunter

77. Eli

78. Penelope

79. Skylar

80. Jonathan

81. Thomas

82. Jack

83. Jordan

84. Connor

85. Brayden

86. Cameron

87. Grace

88. Bryce

89. Mila

90. Lillian

91. Aaliyah

92. Jose

93. Lily

94. Paisley

95. Xavier

96. Dominic

97. Bella

98. Nicholas

99. Brooklyn

100. Savannah

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