What Happened When Brody Jenner's Wife Kaitlynn Carter Confronted Him About Their 'Open Marriage'

Run for "The Hills"...

Who Is Kaitlynn Carter? New Details On Brody Jenner's Wife And Whether Or Not They Have An Open Marriage Instagram 

Most people (and by most people I am 100% just speaking of my own experience) who know Brody Jenner were introduced to him first on The Hills and then, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While he's lately been overshadowed by his stepsisters and their shenanigans, that's all looking like it's about to change now that the reality show that made him famous is finally rebooting. 

Joining Brody on the new show is his bride, Kaitlynn Carter. While we might not know a lot about them as a couple now, we're going to learn a whole lot more about them once the new show drops. Here's what we know so far, and if the trailers are any indication, this reboot isn't going to see a newer, less dramatic take on The Hills! Who is Kaitlynn Carter? 


1. The Hills

MTV's reboot of their beloved reality show The Hills has everyone on the edge of their seat. I mean, probably not your grandmother or that guy opposite you on the bus, but like, by and large people are curious about what the new show will be like. Former Hills star Brody Jenner is one of the familiar faces who is returning to the new incarnation of the show.


Brody isn't coming back to TV alone though, don't get it twisted. This time he's joined by his wife (they tied the knot last year, more on that a little later) Kaitlynn Carter. While Kaitlynn has less experience with the wacky world of reality TV than her husband does, the recent trailers for the reboot make it clear that she's not coming to play. Brody and Kaitlynn are bringing their drama to the small screen.

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2. Their Drama 

Lest you doubt the hard truths I'm dropping, let's discuss the latest trailer for the show, The Hills: New Beginnings. There's a lot going on, plenty to whet your appetite until the show actually arrives, but today we're gonna focus on the friction between Brody and Kaitlynn. In the trailer, Kaitlynn approaches her spouse after a recent trip he took a strip club.

“You said to her last night that we had an open relationship,” she says to him in the trailer, while Brody looks annoyed and aggrieved. “We’re not talking about this anymore,” he says to her in an attempt to stop the fight in its track. But Kaitlynn isn't having any of it, and when she decides to try and keep the converation going, Brody storms away from her dramatically. Yikes! 

3. The Fires 

Dramatic confrontations about the state of their marriage aside (for at least two seconds, lol) the show also focuses on other sides of the couples' life together. But rest assured, what goes down is no less dramatic than any of their spats or heated conversations about the status of their relationship, especially once the LA wild fires start. 


Like so many other people in Southern California, Brody and Kaitlynn's home (and their very lives, TBH) was put in tremendeous danger when The Woolsey wildfires swept through town. "Brody wants to stay and protect the property from the fire," we hear a nervous Kaitlynn share on the show. Of the aftermath, Brody shares that "there was really I nothing I could do."

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4. Their Wedding 

While Brody proposed to Kaitlynn back in 2016, the couple only got hitched last year, so in many respects, they are still newlyweds. Their wedding ceremony was a small and intimate one at the Nihi Sumba resort on Sumba island in Indonesia, whith a stunning view of the ocean. To make things even sweeter, the resort is also where Brody proposed. 

In an interview with People, Brody opened up about the special day: “It feels awesome. I honestly feel like we’ve been married for five years already," he said. That said, it's been a year now and the first year of marriage is often said to be the hardest. Could that explain the friction between the married couple that's being shared on the small screen?

5. How They Met

Though they didn't get married until 2018, the couple actually met way back in 2013, when they were both invited to the same party. Brody says he saw Kaitlynn and instantly knew that he had to get to know her better. “I was going after her,” said Brody remembering the night in question. “She’s an amazing girl.” He's not the only one who was so immediately smitten either...


Talking about the night they met and Brody making his inital move, Kaitlynn still talks about that encounter like it happened only yesterday. “He was really honest about what he wanted, no messing around, and I found that really charming and refreshing. Pretty soon after we started dating, I thought it could be for life.”

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