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Who Is Jennifer Villegas? New Details On The So-Called 'Baseball Madame' Who Is At The Center Of The Jim Edmonds Cheating Scandal

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Who Is Jennifer Villegas? New Details On The So-Called 'Baseball Madame' Who Is At The Center Of The Jim Edmonds Cheating Scandal

It looks like we're just at the tip of the drama iceberg when it comes to the Jim Edmonds cheating scandal. Apparently, the "Baseball Madame" at the heart of the scandal has filed a police report against Edmonds' wife, Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds. Who is Jennifer Villegas?

Here’s what we know about the woman at the center of the biggest scandal to rock the Real Housewives world in a long time.

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1. She allegedly had an affair with Jim Edmonds while Meghan King Edmonds was pregnant with twins.

In the “ew, gross” department, CafeMom reports that Jim Edmonds had an affair with Jennifer Villegas while Meghan was pregnant with the couple’s twins.

“Jim sent Jenn a DM on Instagram in March [2018]. She had not heard from him in years. Their friendship sparked again[,] and they started communicating on a regular basis. Their communications quickly turned from friendly to dirty texting,” they wrote, adding that Jim sent her videos of him pleasuring himself the day after Meghan gave birth to the couple’s twins.



A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on Jun 6, 2019 at 2:33pm PDT

Jennifer Villegas allegedly had an affair with Jim Edmonds while Meghan King Edmonds was pregnant with the couple's twins. SMH! 

2. Jennifer Villegas came forward after Meghan King Edmonds & Jim Edmonds reunited in the hospital on behalf of their son.

Talk about the lowest of the low — according to Bravo TV, little 1-year-old Hart needed an MRI this weekend. So, the couple put aside their relationship drama — there had already been whispers about Jim cheating on Meghan — for the sake of their child.

And it was while Jim & Meghan were in the hospital for little Hart that Jennifer Villegas found it appropriate to spill all the tea about her alleged affair with Jim Edmonds.  

What’s more, according to Reality Blurb, Jennifer Villegas is even willing to take a lie detector test to prove she had an affair with Jim Edmonds!

“Jennifer is offering to undergo a lie detector test to prove she and Jim had a sexual relationship. Jennifer has received multiple text messages and phone calls from Mrs. Edmonds since last September when she and Jim Edmonds signed a non-disclosure agreement concerning the affair,” reports the outlet.

Again, SMH!


A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on Jun 14, 2019 at 12:15pm PDT

Meghan King Edmonds said that she was "hurt" by her husband's actions, and rightfully so. 

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3. Even though Jim admits to having an inappropriate conversation with Jennifer Villegas, he swears he never had sex with her.

Us Weekly spoke exclusively to Jim Edmonds about the matter, and while he admits he had a “lapse in judgment” and had an inappropriate conversation with Villegas, he never slept with her.

“I met her once for one minute underneath the stadium in Atlanta to find out why she wanted to set me up and was threatening to say we had an affair. For no reason other than for me to give her money. Regrettably, I had a lapse in judgment. I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person. At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past,” he said.


A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on Jun 20, 2019 at 8:46pm PDT

Meghan King Edmonds is choosing to focus on her family. 

4. And yes, she’s done this to others in the past.

In a different report for Us Weekly, it was revealed that Jennifer Villegas had tried to blackmail other baseball stars — and their wives — with even worse allegations than she’d hit Jim Edmonds with.

A former baseball player, who asked not to be named, told the outlet that Villegas was “stalking” him after she met him in 2016. She claimed to be pregnant by him, but also claimed she lost the baby after she’d delivered it prematurely. The former baseball player claimed to have given her $5,000 “for bills and stuff,” and this prompted Villegas to stalk the former baseball player, his ex-fiancée, and his current fiancée.

“[I] threatened her multiple times that I was going to go get harassment charges put on her if she keeps contacting me,” he told the outlet. “If I didn’t answer the phone, she would keep calling until I did.”


5. But Meghan King Edmonds is fighting back in her own way.

Despite the fact that Jennifer Villegas went so far as to file a police report on Meghan King Edmonds (for, literally, no reason at all), Meghan King Edmonds is taking the high road. According to Life & Style, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star blames her husband for his lapse of judgment but is now putting the woman’s name out there so she can’t victimize any more Major League Baseball stars.

“I only blame my husband for his actions: he made the choice to betray my trust and jeopardize our marriage. His recklessness also allowed this woman to profit from my heartbreak — but now that her name is out there, she won’t be able to shake down any other families as I rebuild mine,” she said.

We’re rooting for you, Meghan!


A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on May 12, 2019 at 8:16am PDT

Meghan King Edmonds is keeping it classy as always. 

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