Who Is Jeff Prescott? New Details On Kate Gosselin's Ex-Boyfriend — Whom Kate Claims She Never Dated

So what's the real deal with these two?

Who Is Jeff Prescott? New Details On Kate Gosselin's Ex-Boyfriend — Whom Kate Claims She Never Dated Instagram

Kate Gosselin has a new dating show on TLC — a dating show that, frankly, nobody asked for. And now that she's back in the spotlight, so too is her dating life — and that includes the ghosts of boyfriends past. Who is Jeff Prescott?

He’s a handsome millionaire who, in many ways, is too good for Kate Gosselin. And while the crux of Kate Gosselin’s new show, Kate Plus Date, is that she’s never had a boyfriend since her split from ex-husband Jon back in 2009, Jeff Prescott tells a very different story.


Here’s what we know about Jeff Prescott.

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1. He’s the founder of Dreamstime.

According to Dreamstime’s official website, it’s a stock photo repository that boasts an impressive collection of more than “25,000,000 registered members, more than 500,000 contributing photographers and over 105,000,000 photos, illustrations, cliparts and vectors. With unique visitors exceeding 11,000,000 monthly, the agency occupies the 2nd place in stock photography audience and image licensing worldwide.”

He's also a philanthropist who has been involved with several charity organizations, too.


2. Kate Gosselin claims she never dated him.

Shortly after the premiere of Kate Plus Date, Kate Gosselin took to her Instagram page to claim that despite her previous claims, she’d never dated Jeff Prescott.

“I never dated him,” she said, according to Radar Online. She also claimed that Jeff Prescott was using her name to try to promote his own businesses, and get publicity for himself.

Kate Gosselin's love life has been the subject of speculation.


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3. But Jeff Prescott has a different story.

In a classic case of “he said, she said,” a report for Entertainment Tonight back in 2015 revealed that Jeff Prescott and Kate Gosselin were dating and that things were very serious. In addition to buying all eight of her children Christmas gifts (though he’d never met them, in person), he and Kate were reportedly talking about moving in together and preparing for their future.

“We were talking about our future together. And he even mentioned that he initially signed on to Kate Plus 8 to star as Kate’s boyfriend. As he said, “She can say she didn’t date me, but how do you qualify that if I was supposed to be on her show as her boyfriend?” he rhetorically asked the outlet.

Fair point, indeed.


Jeff Prescott said Kate Gosselin came with too much drama. 

4. Jeff Prescott broke up with Kate Gosselin for a very good reason.

According to The Cheat Sheet, Jeff Prescott had a very good reason for breaking up with Kate Gosselin: he wasn’t keen on the drama.


“It’s clear their relationship (if they even had one) didn’t work out — but Jeff Prescott has an explanation for this, too. He told Radar Online that Kate’s fame and the rumors that followed her got to him, and he no longer wanted to be associated with the drama. “My family was exposed to it, people were flooding my LinkedIn. It was too much for me,” he said, according to the outlet.

Whatever the case, we hope that Jeff Prescott finds his happiness!

Jeff Prescott and Kate Gosselin are no longer together. 


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