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5 Places To Travel To When You're Recovering From A Heartbreaking Breakup

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5 travel destinations where to go when you break up

So you’re in a relationship and everything feels like it’s going great. You’ve been going steady for over a year now and all the time you’ve spent with each other has been like a dream for you. But one day, you notice he/she is acting kind of strange. You ask what’s wrong and that’s when you hear those dreaded words: “Let’s break up.

You’re devastated. Did they seriously just say that? They can’t mean it, right? But they do and despite your pleading, the relationship is over. Now all you want to do is go home and cry and watch Eat, Pray, Love on loop while gorging yourself on the biggest pieces of cake you’ve ever cut for yourself.

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Or, maybe you decided to break up with him/her. You’re tired of their constant need to be near you, or maybe they’re really controlling. No matter the reason, you’re just done with them. But even after you end the relationship, it still feels a little lonely. Despite that person bothering you, you can’t help but kinda wish someone (not them, but someone) was with you.

Whether you’re the break-upee or the break-uper, the end of a relationship never leaves a pleasant feeling. However, rather than drown your sorrows in pizza or wander about trying to find people to fill the new hole in your heart, I have another suggestion: travel.

It doesn’t have to be a full-on vacation. Maybe you just go to that city you’ve been wanting to see, or maybe you just take a day at a spa. Wherever you go, it’s good to go SOMEWHERE. Sitting around at home isn’t going to make him/her suddenly fall in love with you again. Instead, take your newfound free time and go see and do things you never really got to do before!

So get out of bed, get dressed and get moving to these places to start healing that broken heart.

1. The Beach.

Best Destination: Anywhere in the Caribbean

Nothing quite jump starts the healing process like clean air, blue skies and a body of water to match. Just imagine yourself sitting on a beach with a light breeze in your hair and a mojito in your hand. Also, if you’re quick to rebound, there are plenty of options on the beach.

Of course, any beach with soft sand on a sunny day will do, but the ones that do the job the best are in the Caribbean. Often ranked among the top vacation locations in the world, mending your feelings can be easier when you do it in style. But like I said, you don’t have to go all out. Anywhere will do.

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2. The Forest.

Best Destination: Your nearest state park/forest

If the beach isn’t your thing and you’d like to be more “one with nature,” then perhaps a trip to the woods is in order. The calming effect a bunch of trees can have is really something. While walking through the forest you can find all sorts of things you don’t normally see while also staying relaxed. You’ll be so focused on everything new around you, you won’t give your ex a second thought.

While your neighborhood woods is nice, nothing beats a state park or national forest. They’re so big and expansive and there’s no telling what new sights you’ll come across. Also, most people have at least one of these within a couple hours drive from them, so they’re really accessible too!

3. Another country.

Best destination: Germany.

If your breakup was so bad that you don’t even want to be in the same country as him, there are certainly plenty to choose from. Personally I’d recommend anywhere in Western Europe as it’s not insanely different from here and the language barrier won’t be as big of a problem. And the country of choice? Germany. Not overly romantic like France or Italy, but not overwhelming either like Spain or Greece. Germany offers the perfect opportunity for a newly-single individual to have fun and socialize, not to mention all of the rich history it has to offer if that’s your thing. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll move there!


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But if traveling far abroad isn’t practical for you, may I suggest our neighbors to the north, Canada. Similar to the U.S. but still pretty different and you probably won’t have to worry about running into your ex in the streets of Toronto.

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4. A Cruise.

Best Destination: Whichever one you want.

Sometimes what you really need after having getting your heart broken is a little bit of luxury. If you have the money, hop aboard a cruise ship and sail the ocean blue while eating all the shrimp you want and rubbing elbows with a bunch of different people. You’ll get to see the ocean in all its vastness and have fun while doing it. Who has time for being down when there’s so much to do?

5. Anywhere you’ve never been.

Best Destination: Wherever you want to go.

One of the best remedies after a breakup is a sense of adventure. It’s not a requirement to go to somewhere extravagant. It can be as simple as that shop a few hours away, or a convention you’ve wanted to attend. As long as it’s something you enjoy and somewhere you want to go, you’ll definitely get the most out of it. And who knows, maybe you’ll find another special someone along the way.

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