Who Is Marc Tomblin? New Details On Wendy Williams' Boyfriend — And His Shady Past

How YOU doin', Wendy?

Who Is Marc Tomblin? New Details On Wendy Williams' Boyfriend — And His Shady Past Instagram

After a long and drawn-out divorce from her cheating dog of an ex-husband, Wendy Williams seems to have found her groove again. For a brief period of time, people were wondering if she and DJ Boof were an item — but then, she turned up with a 27-year-old hunk on her arm. Who is Marc Tomblin?

We’re all for a woman getting her groove back, especially after she’s been through the hell of a cheating spouse. And Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, certainly did his fair share of damage. So, after what seemed to feel like forever, Wendy Williams is finally getting her groove back.


But is her new boo thing all he’s cracked up to be? Here’s what we know about Marc Tomblin.

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1. They met through a rather famous mutual friend.

According to Page Six, Wendy Williams met Marc Tomblin through their mutual friend, Blac Chyna. Chyna, as you all may know, is best known as Rob Kardashian’s baby mama and a former “bestie” of Kylie Jenner’s.

“The daytime talk show host, 54, was first spotted with Tomblin this week in Los Angeles, where we’re told they met through mutual friend Blac Chyna. He has since made his way back to New York with Williams, and he’s been photographed around town with her,” wrote the outlet.


While initial reports (including on this very site, by this very writer!) suggested that Williams was dating New York City radio personality DJ Boof, he quickly shut down those rumors.

Go on with your bad self, Wendy Williams!


2. He’s a convicted felon.

In the “uh-oh” category, Bossip obtained some official documents about Marc Tomblin, where it was revealed that he’d served 15 months in Federal prison for conspiracy to commit robbery using a dangerous weapon, as well as breaking and entering, back in 2013.

But don’t expect Wendy to run to the hills: when informed of her bae’s past scuffles with the law, she said that she was a “grown woman” who could do what she pleased, and didn’t need the media telling her what to do and with whom.

Wendy Williams' man has a shady past.


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3. Is Wendy Williams dating Marc Tomblin to make Kevin Hunter jealous?

A different report for Page Six suggests that Wendy Williams — who was married to Kevin Hunter for more than 25 years, and with whom she has a son — is only dating Marc Tomblin to make Kevin Hunter jealous.

“Wendy is doing all of this as part of a campaign to make Kevin jealous and to garner sympathy from the public,” a source told Page Six on Wednesday. We’re told Williams, 54, was “asking around to some people” for suggestions of guys from “the street” that she could connect with to make Hunter, from whom she filed for divorce in April, green with envy,” said the outlet.

You can't tell Wendy NOTHING about her new boo. 


4. She’s having the time of her life.

Despite all the problems Marc Tomblin seems to be bringing with him to the relationship, Wendy Williams is having the time of her life with him.

In yet another report for Page Six, it was recently revealed that the talk show host treated her man to a shopping spree recently.

“While strolling around the city on Tuesday, Tomblin wore a white Dior Homme jacket from the brand’s collaboration with KAWS, which features the artist’s signature bees and retails for $1,850. He paired the pricey outerwear with a sold-out red Supreme T-shirt ($88), brown slim-cut jeans, Air Jordans, pitch-black aviators and a black durag,” reports the outlet, who added that Wendy also stopped by an ATM to pick up more cash to treat her new man some more.

Well, alright then Wendy! Go get you some!


Wendy Williams finally got her groove back, and we couldn't be happier.

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