15 Ways To Overcome Anxiety Quickly So You Can Focus On Rocking Your New Job Or Internship

Everyone's new at some point.

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You're a working girl now doing working girl things. With that comes the stress of learning the ins and outs of a new job or internship. You want to succeed and do your best, but the nerves are making you doubt yourself — don't worry, we have all been there.

Starting a new internship or job is exciting — it challenges you to learn more about the field you are interested in, helps you to network and grow to further your career. No matter how much you prepare and research the company (which is a tip, btw) you are still bound to make a mistake along the way. With a new job comes trial and error.


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If you are beginning your first internship, look at it more as a learning experience. Take a few deep breathes and give it your all. A lot of the time, everyone just wants to help you, so don't be scared of seeing a bunch of new faces on your first day.

Think of your new job as a stepping point towards the future. Whether you're sixteen and just starting to earn a little money for yourself or you're a new college graduate desperately seeking employment to pay off those loans, know you're on your way to fulfilling your dreams.


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You will also be making money (unless it's an unpaid internship, but experience is experience and just feel lucky you got the opportunity to learn).

If that little pep talk didn't help you overcome all the butterflies in your stomach, here are 15 ways to overcome that pesky anxiety.


1. Know the company you're working for.

You probably already researched the company you are working or interning for pre interview. However, it is still so important to cover all of your bases. Research your boss on LinkedIn and see their background. If you can relate on something, you will be one step closer to building a connection. Learn the history behind your workplace and scour their website for information on your position.

If you know there is a task you are going to be asked to do and are unsure of, learn the basics (whether it be Excel or Word) before your first day. You want to casually impress your colleagues with your infinite knowledge.

2. Get to know the new interns or recently hired employees.

There were interns before you just like there will be interns after you. There may even be multiple new interns at one time. It doesn't hurt to get to know a friendly face who is going through the same thing you are.

There is no shame in being vulnerable with another person and building a connection right off the bat. It is not a competition – you both already got the spot. Use your experiences to help each other and make your way to the top ... girls supporting girls style.


3. Get there early!

You NEVER want to be late – especially on your first day! Drive to your workplace about a half hour to fifteen minutes early so you can scope out the traffic and parking spot situation. There might be multiple offices within one complex, so it is important to know how to navigate around the building. I'm sure your boss will give you a tour of the necessary places you'll need to go, but it never hurts to be extra prepared.

Also, remember to find the nearest bathrooms, coffee stations and vending machines – you'll thank me later. When a new intern walks by asking you where you got your bag of chips and coffee, you can confidently say down the hall to the right.

4. Ask all the questions that pop into your mind, no matter how "stupid".

Remember when your parents or teachers would tell you there are no stupid questions; well, they were right. If during your training (or even after!) you have any questions or concerns, voice them.

Especially in the beginning, even the slightest little tidbit of information could benefit you in the long run. If the question is just simply how to turn on the computer, ask! If the question is how do I even begin to tackle this assignment, ask! There is no stupid question and your boss will be happy to answer them.


5. If you feel a little nauseous from the nerves, try peppermint.

Sometimes, our anxiety and first day jitters can cause our stomachs to rumble. Especially if you already suffer from anxiety, you know your stomach can get really nauseous.

To avoid feeling ill throughout your first day, have some Altoids or peppermint gum on hand. It might not be the best idea to chomp on a piece of gum while your talking, but a mint or two never hurt anybody. The peppermint will help soothe and calm your stomach, while also freshening your breathe. Win, win!

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6. Make sure you have water with you at all times.

It is SO important to stay hydrated, especially if your job or internship is outside or indoors without air conditioning. Water can also help relieve nausea and replenish your spirits a bit.


Also, water always comes in handy if you are in an awkward situation. In a group conversation with people way older than you and have no idea what to say – take a sip of water! If someone is giving you a hard time and you need to step away, tell them you need to refill your water bottle. Works every time.

7. Don't sweat the small stuff just yet.

Especially if you are a new intern, the best thing you can do is simply try your best. If you forget to add a comma to a sentence or to get your manager extra creamer in their coffee, it's okay! You are new and everyone knows you are bound to make mistakes.

Don't let the tiniest mistake make you question why you are even there. You'll learn and grow from those little mishaps and before you know it, you'll be the sentence writing and coffee creamer pro.

8. If they didn't like you, they wouldn't have hired you. Keep that in mind!

If your interview didn't go well or your boss didn't think you had the confidence to do the job, they would have went with someone else. Remember that you are there for a reason. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't belong there;you earned your spot and deserve to be there just as much as anybody else. You are killing it!


9. When in doubt, fake it till you make it.

You should always exude confidence, even if it is a little forced. When you feel confident, you will work harder and perform better. If you don't feel the most confident, lift your chin up and tackle each project with a positive attitude. Confidence is key!

10. Dress the part.

This may sound stupid, but when you are dressed in an outfit that makes you feel good, you'll have a more confident outlook on the day. Go shopping for some buisness or office type outfits – blazers, Hilary Clinton inspired pant suits, black heels, a cute pencil skirt.

If there is a dress code, remember to stick to that. But, adding your own flair with a few accessories and jewlery can really spice it up and make the day more enjoyable.

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11. Plan a pamper session when your shift is over.

There is nothing wrong with planning something to look forward to when the day is done. Whether it is driving to Starbucks to get a hot Chai or running a bubble bath with a glass of wine at home, thinking of how you are going to spend the night after your first day will make the day go by faster.

You could even link up with friends after you all get out of work and rant about your days. Nothing better than comapring embrassing first day stories.

12. Breathe. It is the easiest way to calm nerves.

The night before your first day, right before going in, and during practice deep breathing. When you start to feel overwhelmed, breathe in and hold it for three seconds and then breathe out. Repeat this over and over until you start to feel your body calm down a bit.


Even if you have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and do this, that is okay. Just simply focusing on your breath can make a huge difference.

13. Write everything down.

Remember to bring a notepad and pencil to write down everything you are told during training. This will save you a lot of questions missed in the long haul. From important passwords to how to open and save a document, jot it all down on paper. Don't lose the paper and try to keep it with you at all times.

If you are allowed to use your laptop, it might be beneficial to type the notes up and save them to your desktop for save keeping and easy access.

14. Make your workspace personal.

If you are lucky enough to have your own cubical or desk, make it your own! Add pictures of loved ones or a vase filled with flowers. If you don't have your own work space, you can always add new stickers to your laptop or get a special mug to bring to work with you. Any little thing that makes you environment more familar and comfortable will have huge benefits.


15. Tell yourself that having some anxiety is normal.

These are all tips that will help you lower your anxiety levels, but remember that having anxiety before a new job is completely normal. Everyone worries – in fact, if you didn't, that would be kind of strange. Expect not to know everything and remember that you will not be new forever. By the end of the month (heck, by the end of the week) you'll be a seasoned and well-rounded member of the team.

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