3 Reasons Why Guys Love To Date Successful Women

Why be intimidated when you can be impressed?

men dating a woman more successful than you Mark Pan4ratte on Unsplash

It seems a lot of guys become uneasy when they meet a successful woman in her field. Some say it's intimidating to date a woman more successful than you.

But why is that? Ultimately guys tend to be more egotistical and competitive, so it’s usually the assumed that they desire to make more money than their partners. It's also been said that better-educated women prefer higher-earning husbands. Why is that, given that the lure of fancy cars and upscale dinners don't actually have any long-term benefits?


Despite the stigma that men prefer women who earn less than them, there are a lot of good examples of relationships that work out well that don't also perpetuate the societal norms.


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Take for example Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen — a perfect examples of a successful marriage where she makes (way!) more than he does. Why does their relationship work so well? Why are they so in love and continue to stay together, despite their salary differences?

Generally speaking, a lot of the reasons why relationships like Bündchen's and Brady's work so well have to do with what they value, their mindsets, and life stories that these two people bring to the table.

Take a look at the 3 reasons below that explain why it's so attractive when women are more successful than the men they're in a relationship with.

1. Successful women know what it's like to love what you do.

Isn’t this truly what it’s all about, happiness? The reason why a couple connects so well with each other is that they have similar life circumstances and stories which makes them connect on such a special level. If both the man and the woman in the relationship love what they do for their careers, they can understand and support each other during their biggest wins and loses, too.


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2. They encourage you to take risks and go for gold.

When you have someone who tends to fall into a submissive mindset while you have another partner who is more of a leader, it can lead to conflict. The bottom line is that as you get closer, one of you is going to end up being the dominant one in the relationship. So having someone who shares your mindset is important to a stable relationship.

Successful women can also inspire men to be more, never settling for less than what your heart desires. If a man sees your wife or girlfriend taking risk every day, that can lead him to do the same.

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3. Successful women are also more than able to support the family economically.

Rather than the traditional mindset of women providing for their family at the home, successful women are more prone to contribute financially, easing the pressure of money off of just one person. Everyone loves the thought of having more money so you can go on more vacations or do more things without the massive burden of one partner having to provide for the whole family. So women who are career-minded and financially successful contribute in a way that makes life even easier.

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