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Who Is Allissa Jenkins? New Details About Newlywed Who Fell To Her Death While Recording Fight With Her Husband

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Who Is Allissa Jenkins? New Details About Newlywed Who Fell To Her Death While Recording Fight With Her Husband

When couples get married, they look forward to a life of marital bliss, happiness, starting a family, and just enjoying each other. And in the weeks after the wedding, you spend time doing new and exciting things together as newlyweds, wearing your new titles proudly. Unfortunately, not every couple makes it this far.

Who is Allissa Jenkins? Jenkins, 27, was found dead on June 2nd, her body on a ramp in a parking garage close to Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

Police responded to a call around 1:45 AM saying a woman fell from the Stadium East Parking Garage. Officers arrived minutes later and found Jenkins’ body, with her new husband, Bradley S. Jenkins, 30, straddling the body.

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Jenkins was arrested and charged with domestic assault, and is being held on $100,000 bond.

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So, what exactly happened that led to the death of this young newlywed? Was it an accident or something far more sinister?

The night prior, the couple attended the Cardinals game at the Stadium. When they responded to the scene and found her body, they also located her cell phone on the seventh floor of the garage, still recording. The footage showed that Jenkins had the camera pointing at herself, and then turned it to face her husband.

According to an affidavit:

“During the recording, you can hear her yell for him to quit punching her face. She eventually drops the camera. Shortly after that, you hear her scream as she falls and you hear the thump of her body hitting the ground...

[Bradley Jenkins] claimed he had never been on the rooftop with her, but the video shows them together on the rooftop right when the video began. He also claimed the argument never got physical, yet on the recording, you hear the argument being physical... The investigation is continuing to determine whether the defendant should be charged with homicide in connection with her death.”

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Detectives say Jenkins told them “several lies” while being questioned, and when they found him straddling Allissa’s body, he “appeared to be intoxicated” and was covered in blood. Police are also questioning the co-workers the couple attended the Cardinals game with to see if they can provide any background information.

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Just two weeks earlier, on May 22nd, the couple tied the knot in Las Vegas. They met at work, where Allissa was a prison guard, and Bradley was a corrections officer. He was also a lieutenant for the Illinois Department of Corrections.

An autopsy will be performed to determine whether or not Bradley Jenkins will be charged with Allissa’s murder.

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