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Who Is Eric Scott Sills? New Details About The Doctor Arrested For His Wife's Murder

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Who Is Eric Scott Sills? New Details about The Doctor Arrested for His Wife's Murder

Dr. Eric Scott Sills was arrested last Thursday as the prime suspect for the murder of his wife, Susan Sills. As a renowned physician, and what seemed like the father of a happy family, no one looked his way when Susan passed away in 2016. The man was distraught and disturbed by the loss of his wife, diving into work and caring for their two children and two of his children from a previous marriage. But after he was taken into custody, people began to examine the story more closely, wondering if this man could really have the capacity to commit such a terrible crime. Who is Eric Scott Sills, and what are the details of the case? 

1. He is a renowned fertility specialist

Susan, his wife of ten years, was his partner in their fertility practice, the Center for Advanced Genetics in San Diego. This practice was geared towards helping anyone get pregnent, especially those with a difficult prognosis. CAG offered a 70% success rate in treating infertility and repeated miscarriages, giving couples an opportunity to find their best option and be successful. Sills is certified to practice medicine in the UK, California and New York and had practiced previously in Europe. He has published several books in addition to his medical work. His most recent work focuses on reversing menopause and allowing women to fight back against the ticking clock of fertility. 

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2. His family always seemed to come first

As a successful specialist he was able to provide for his wife and four children — one set of twins he had with Susan and two others from a previous marriage. To outsiders, they seemed like a happy family, living in a gorgeous million dollar home. Susan's family, and their neighbors said that Sills seemed depressed and shaken by the loss of his wife. Susan's father went so far as to say he was worried that Sills would never remarry. 

3. The murder

Sills claimed to have found Susan dead at the bottom of their staircase on November 13th 2016. Since her passing, there has been little to no progress in the case. However neighbors confirmed that something just felt off about what had happened. They said the couple and their two children seemed like the typical family next door, but didn't see how the fall could kill her alone, or why she would have taken the fatal spill in the first place. The explanation seemed somewhat vague, that chronic migraines kept her awake at night and she had fallen on her way downstairs. In November 2017, the coroner ruled that the death had actually been a homicide.

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4. His arrest and release

Since he was arrested, authorities have not yet released how they connected Sills to the murder, but a two year investigation proved to point to him as the prime suspect. Susan's parents have shared that they are shocked and hurt by the revelation, but doing their best to cope and find closure for her sake. 4 days after he was arrested on his way to work, Sills posted the million dollar bail and has since been released. His case will be heard on Friday. 

Beth Al Fattal is an editorial intern at YourTango.