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Who Are Lisa Harris And Sterling Aguilar? New Details On Lawrence Leathers' Death And His Girlfriend's Role In It

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Who Are Lisa Harris And Sterling Aguilar? New Details On Lawrence Leathers' Death And His Girlfriend's Role In It

The emotions of love and hate have a lot in common and are divided by a very thin line indeed. How else do you explain the way some couples go from having stars in their eyes for each other to screaming in the other's face as their lawyers struggle to intervene? When love goes bad, it goes bad big time! Award-winning jazz drummer Lawrence Leathers was found dead on the stairs of his apartment building and the police believe that love gone wrong might have played a big role in his murder. Read on now to find out more about his tragic death and Lisa Harris and Sterling Aguilar the people who've been arrested for suspicion of his murder. Who are Lisa Harris and Sterling Aguilar?

1. Lawrence Leathers

On Sunday, June 2, 2019 Grammy-winning professional jazz drummer Lawrence was found dead, his body dumped in the stairwell of the building where he lived in the Bronx. The police have arrested Leathers' girlfriend (and roommate) Lisa Harris and their mutual friend Sterling Aguilar in connection with the assault that led to Leathers' death. According to the police, Leathers got into a fight with Harris that night and things escalated quickly. When Aguilar tried to step between the two and break up the fight, Leathers put him into a chokehold. When this happened, Harris began striking Leathers in the face until he released Aguilar who later choked Leathers until he was unconscious. 

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2. Cheating Accusations

Although Harris and Leathers lived together in an apartment in the Bronx, and they were definitely in a relationship, Leathers did not have any photographs of Harris featured in any of his social media accounts. In fact, their landlord was stunned to learn they were an item, saying that Harris frequently brought other men home. “The first time I heard he was her boyfriend was when she told the cops. I nearly fell over. I never saw any romance between the two of them,” she told the Daily News. “She lied to me. She told me he was her cousin.” If the landlord is to be believed and Harris was being unfaithful, it sounds like she might not have been the only one. 

3. Sterling Aguilar 

28-year-old Sterling Aguilar was with Harris at the time of the attack on Leathers. He was rumored to at one point have dated Harris. Initially, police believed that Aguilar was involved in some sort of love triangle with Harris and Leathers, but now it seems that they are moving away from that aspect of the investigation. Prior to his arrest, Aguilar was focused on school and working as a line cook. “Sterling was a committed employee who showed that his biggest concern was his education,” said a former employer. It would be tragic if one senseless moment of violence destroyed his entire life, but there are those who would argue he gets whatever he deserves for his alleged role in the crime. 

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4. Harris' Future  

Apparently, the fight between Harris and Leathers didn't start off in the hallway of their Bronx apartment. Instead, the couple was out at a BBQ with some friends. The reason for the big social gathering? They were all celebrating Harris' graduation from her Master's program. The argument between the two began at the BBQ with Leathers accusing Harris of cheating. “She got her masters. She was going to be a school teacher,” Harris and Leathers' landlord told the Daily News. “We’re all in shock.” Whatever the argument was at the BBQ, it continued and followed them home ending in Leathers' demise. It was something no one, least of all their landlord, saw coming. 

5. The Charges

Their landlord was responsible for finding Leathers' body in the stairwell of her building. She checked the man's pulse before assessing that he was no longer living. Then, she called 911 and emergency paramedics and the local police were on the scene where they quickly arrested Aguilar and Harris. The police have charged both Harris and Aguilar with manslaughter as well as charging them with criminally negligent homicide. According to the authorities, Aguilar had Leathers in a choke hold for more than 30 minutes. During this time his grip was so strong that they discovered broken bones in Leathers' neck. 

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