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Who Are Cynthia Ann Day And Edward Nathaniel Holmes? New Details About The American Couple Found Dead In Dominican Republic Hotel

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Who Are Cynthia Ann Day And Edward Nathaniel Holmes? New Details About The American Couple Found Dead In Dominican Republic Hote

Vacations are supposed to be a fun, relaxing time to unwind and forget the monotony and stress of everyday life. A popular destination for tourists is the Dominican Republic, where visitors stay in luxurious resorts and can have a slice of paradise right at their fingertips.

But not all vacations have a happy ending. Back in January 2019, Tammy Lawrence-Daley was attacked and brutally beaten by an unknown hotel staff member at a Dominican Republic resort, eventually speaking out about her attack in May. And though she survived, one couple wasn’t so lucky.

Who are Cynthia Ann Day and Edward Nathaniel Holmes?

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Just days after the news broke regarding Lawrence-Daley’s experience, the engaged Maryland couple was found dead in their room while staying at the Playa Nueva Romana. After the two failed to check out on May 30th, a staff member went to their suite, discovering Day, 49, and Holmes, 63, unresponsive.

The hotel eventually released a statement regarding their deaths: “We are deeply saddened by the incident at one of our hotels in La Romana, Dominican Republic and want to express our deepest condolences to their family and friends. The staff immediately contacted the relevant local authorities which have initiated an investigation.”

But unlike Lawrence-Daley’s attack, there were no signs of violence.

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A spokesman for the Dominican Republic National Police said authorities found blood pressure medication in the room. An autopsy performed by the Dominican National Institute of Forensic Sciences found the couple died of “respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, which is caused by excess fluid in the lungs.”

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Just days before their mysterious deaths, Holmes made multiple posts on Facebook, putting up pictures of him and Day on a boat, a beach, and hugging one another, truly enjoying their time together. “Can somebody please loan me $250,000 bcuz I don’t want to come home!!!!!” he captioned one post, while he said “On the way to Saona Island with my baby” in another.

Holmes’ daughter, Dajuan Holmes-Hamilton, spoke to NBC4, saying she wanted answers and for authorities to solve the case. “It should have never happened,” she said. And according to the U.S. Department of State, they are working with local authorities to find out what happened.

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But were their deaths really linked to a medical issue? As one official said of the results, “It’s a bit unusual.” Toxicology results are still pending, but it’s left their families with unanswered questions and no sense of closure.

We hope the families find out what happened to Day and Holmes.

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