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Is Miranda Lambert Getting A Divorce? New Details On The Marriage Rumors Surrounding Her And Husband Brendan McLoughlin

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Is Miranda Lambert Getting A Divorce? New Details On The Marriage Rumors Surrounding Her And Husband Brendan McLoughlin

Is Miranda Lambert getting a divorce? It’s been four years since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced, and it’s clear that both parties have moved on for good. Shelton is currently dating Gwen Stefani, who famously went through her own divorce from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015.

The two have been dating for almost four years now, while Lambert is currently married to NYPD Officer, Brendan McLoughlin, whom she wed in January 2019. But is there trouble in paradise already? Are the Miranda Lambert divorce rumors true?

Unfortunately for Lambert, the tabloids are just out to get her and cause a stir, with no evidence to support their claims. And she’s fighting back against these false reports.

According to a statement from her rep to E! News, the story is “completely made up. Not one iota is true. They are happy and together!”

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And she’s shown that her marriage is nowhere near rocky, sharing a recent photo of her husband and rescue puppies to promote her organization, MuttNation.


A post shared by Miranda Lambert (@mirandalambert) on May 23, 2019 at 8:13am PDT

This is pretty huge, since she doesn’t post about McLoughlin very often, and the couple keeps their relationship extremely private.

The only other time we’ve seen him appear on her Instagram is when she shocked fans on Valentine’s Day and revealed that she had gotten married. “In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for.... me. #theone,” she captioned it.

The two met at the beginning of November 2018 when Lambert was in New York City doing press with her band, Pistol Annies, and McLoughlin was working as a police officer. They hit it off, and two months later, tied the knot! And since then, they have appeared out in public together numerous times.

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But is Blake Shelton involved in these rumors? Not a chance. Though he’s been dragged into the stories of Lambert’s alleged divorce, he wants nothing to do with his ex-wife and her drama.

According to a source for Hollywood Life, “Blake is paying no attention to what Miranda is doing and if she is happy or not with Brendan. He wishes her no ill will; however, it’s not something that’s on his radar. He’s focused on his relationship with Gwen and his own life and career. At the end of the day, Miranda isn’t his favorite person and never will be and the same goes with her feelings on Blake. It annoys him when people bring up her name along with his in the same sentence still because he’s so beyond moved on from her.”

Another source for Hollywood Life confirmed, “Miranda is a part of Blake’s story and Blake’s life and he will always be around her in one way shape or form because they will always be connected in the country world. They will work with the same people, they will be at the same award shows, and though he once had amazing love for her he has found an even stronger love for Gwen.

He doesn’t support people trashing Miranda on his behalf because it doesn’t do anything for anyone positively speaking. He is Gwen’s guy. He’s happy and hopes Miranda is happy, but he can’t take time to think about her. It just makes no sense to harp on the past. Remember what was good from it and move forward.”

Well, it seems like things are going great in the lives of these two exes. And we should all wish them happiness.

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