Who Is Jennifer Michelle Lorber? New Details On The Missing Colorado Jewelry Designer

She's still missing.

Who Is Jennifer Michelle Lorber? New Details On The Missing Colorado Jewelry Designer LAPD 

When a person goes missing it can take a little bit of time for anyone to realize just how serious the situation really is. People often can't even report someone as legally missing until they've vanished for more than 24 hours. Even when that is the case, police can be slow to react when dealing with an adult who may have simply chosen to go missing for a little while. 

Whether or not that's the case for Jennifer Michelle Lorber has yet to be determined. The young woman went on a solo vacation to California and hasn't been seen since the day of her arrival. Now the police need your help trying to locate her. Here's what we know about Jennifer Michelle Lorber's strange disappearance. Who is Jennifer Michelle Lorber?


1. Missing

30-year-old Colorado resident and jewelry designer Jennifer Michelle Lorber is missing and the police, as well as her family and friends, need your help trying to find her. It's always tricky when an adult goes missing because in many cases it could be that the adult in question actually wanted to go off the grid for a little while. But when they do so for too long, it becomes a concern. That's exactly what happened here with Jennifer. As far as Jennifer's family knew, the promising designer was simply taking a vacation to the West Coast. The last time they spoke with her was on Thursday, May 23rd. Jennifer checked into a hotel in Los Angeles near Malibu and last spoke to her family that Thursday at around 11:00 PM. 


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2. Rental Car 

Currently, there aren't a lot of clues about Jennifer's disappearance. Or at least I should say, there are not many clues about her disappearance that the police feel comfortable sharing with the public at large. Though no one has said anything other than that she is missing and people are worried, it could be the police are holding back details that could indicate a crime was committed. One of the biggest clues that has been discussed by police with the media is the white rental car that she was driving. Jennifer's rental car was spotted around 1:30 AM on Friday morning parked along the Pacific Coast Highway. The police, however, were not able to locate Jennifer in the immediate vicinity, nor were they given any clues as to her whereabouts from the rental car itself. 


3. Depression

Time is critical when it comes to locating a missing person. Very often if a person goes missing and they are not located within the early days of the investigation, it can greatly reduce the chances that they will ever be found. It's a dark statistic, but it's a real one that detectives have to grapple with each and every day in their line of work. A red flag that detectives look for when seeking a missing person is their history of mental illness. In this case, Jennifer does have an ongoing history of clinical depression. A person whose depression is untreated could find themselves at a higher risk for suicide, something no doubt everyone involved in the case hopes isn't the direction this disappearance is going. 

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4. Police Plea 

Because of the urgency involved in this case, the police are encouraging people with any information to please come forward. “Lorber suffers from depression and her family is concerned for her wellbeing,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. “Any information please contact the sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, Missing Person Detail.”

If you think that you have information that may help the authorities, for the sake of Jennifer you need to ring the police and give them the information. To do so, call Sgt. Mike Rodriguez in the Missing Persons Unit at 323-890-5500. You can also call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477).

5. Physical Appearance 

If you live in the area where Jennifer vanished, a physical description will definitely make it easier for you to look out for her. Jennifer is small, standing just 5'1'' and weighing about 100 pounds. Her hair is long and brown and her eyes are also brown. If you think you've seen who matches that description, let the police know. You might be saving a life. 


Currently, the search for Jennifer is still on going. That means that for those following the case, the investigation is very much still in development. Keep your eyes on the local news if you're seeking out updates on Jennifer's story. 

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