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Who Is Sosamann? New Details On Rapper Who Lured Two Women To California, Held Them Captive And Sold Them Into Sex Slavery

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Who Is Sosamann? New Details On Rapper Who Lured Two Women To California, Held Them Captive And Sold Them Into Sex Slavery

Rapper Sosamann has built a bad reputation for himself as he is facing charges for manipulating and luring two women into human trafficking. Even our stars in Hollywood have fallen into the dangerous and heartbreaking trend of modern slavery. Who is Sosamann and what does this mean for his career as a Hip-Hop artist?

1. Hollywood's Hip-Hop Artist

The rising and upcoming star Sosamann also known as Anthony Denson, 29, is one of Wiz Khalifa​'s artists, sometimes he is called Sancho Saucy. He is originally from the south side of Houston, Sosamann stated: "I started doing music to get off the streets and pain. I earned it. Music keeps me calm, sane.” He is worth $1.4 million and shockingly earned it in just a couple of short years. 


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2. Broken Promises

Sosamann covinced two women to meet him California by promising that he would be able to make them famous. Eagerly they took off to meet the star but things devolved quickly once they arrived. The women told authorities they were held captive against their will and were forced to sell themselves for sex. It should be noted that  earlier in the month the women were arrested for prostitution in L.A.


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3. Musical Career

Sosamann was signed to Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang back in 2016 and has created a lot of content since then. Sauce Eskobar 2 was released this year and is the newest album. He has also collaborated with some of the greatest names in music such as Shy Glizzy, Lil Wayne, Playboy Carti and Wiz Khalifa.

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4. Sosamann Faces The Consequences

On May 12th, Sosamann was arrested on a felony charge of attemptig to sell two woman for sex. He spent one night in jail and posted  $100,000 bail and was released. His next court date is in June where he will be forced to deal with his actions. An investigation by the police department is still taking place on the Human Trafficking charges against Sosamann. He is currently still active on social media but has not made any statement regarding the charges.

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