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Is Nicole Nafziger Converting To Islam? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé' Star's Latest Relationship Drama With Azan

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Is Nicole Nafziger Converting To Islam? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé' Star's Latest Relationship Drama With Azan

The saga of Nicole and Azan on 90 Day Fiance continues as the rumors continue to swirl about their tumultuous relationship. Is Nicole Nafziger converting to Islam?

Nicole Nafziger is one of the most popular stars of 90 Day Fiancé’s current season. She and her boyfriend, Azan Tefou (sometimes known as Azan M’Raouni), have been on the hit TLC show for several seasons and even had their own special on the network. On the special, the cameras followed the on-again, off-again couple as they attempted to get married in Azan’s native Morocco. However, their wedding never happened, allegedly because Azan was in the process of opening a beauty shop in Morocco (with Nicole’s money, of course).

It goes without saying that the beauty shop never materialized, and Nicole and Azan never got married.

Now, however, Nicole is allegedly converting to Islam — Azan’s religion — so the duo can get married. Here’s what we know about the latest in this 90 Day Fiancé saga.

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1. Nicole Nafziger said that she and Azan Tefou are still together.

According to Reality TV World, even though Nicole and Azan have had some “tough times,” they’re still together.

“We [text] every day. Call at least once a day. Try to video chat a couple of times a week," she told the outlet. “Trust me, he knows how lucky he is with me. I love him with all my heart forever."

She also told the outlet that she and Azan have been “intimate,” and that she plans to marry Azan when she goes back to Morocco. She’s planning on going to Morocco in June, right after her sister’s wedding.


A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on May 16, 2019 at 6:01pm PDT

Nicole and Azan are still together.

2. It’s not required for women to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man.

While there are some faiths that require a non-practitioner to convert before a marriage can take place, the same cannot be said for Islam. While the “laws” about interfaith marriage in Islam vary from country to country, most modern practitioners of Islam are okay with Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women. The inverse, however — a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim man — is not readily accepted in the Muslim faith, according to The Interfaith Observer. Tunisia, for example, only recently repealed a law prohibiting interfaith marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man, according to Christian Century.

So, while Nicole may not be required to convert to Islam to marry Azan, the fact that she’s doing so is a big commitment on her part.


A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on May 16, 2019 at 6:06pm PDT

Nicole Nafziger wouldn't have to convert to Islam to marry Azan Tefou.

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3. Nicole said she was raised a Christian and wouldn’t be converting to Islam.

According to Pop Culture, Nicole Nafziger made clear that she was raised a Christian, and that she wouldn’t be converting to Islam to please Azan.

"I am a Christian. The combination of my upbringing and my parents’/family influence on me made me how and who I am," she said. "We made it very clear to each other in the beginning that we would respect each other's religion and not ask the other to convert. It's worked for us so far. He respects me and I respect him."


A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on May 15, 2019 at 2:00pm PDT

Azan Tefou told Nicole Nafziger that she didn't have to convert to Islam to make him happy. 

4. Nicole said that she and Azan were interested in having children together.

Despite the fact that there’s been cheating involved — on both sides — and that they’ve postponed their wedding time and again, Nicole told In Touch Weekly that she not only plans to marry Azan, but the couple has also already decided to have children together and have picked out baby names!

“He wants children and a life with me. We want forever with each other,” she said. “Azan is a loving and caring man. He’s a kind-hearted person who is very family oriented. I love everything about him.”


A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on May 10, 2019 at 12:49pm PDT

Even though Nicole has a child from a previous relationship, she said that she wants children with Azan. 

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