How The Double Neptune Aspects Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2020

Sometimes it's best to just stick to the basics.

How the Neptune Aspects During the Last Week of May will Affect Our Relationships getty

On May 30th, we will experience two interesting aspects that will have all the zodiac signs thinking about our relationships differently, and likely will lead to some changes as well. These aspects include Mercury square Neptune, with Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, and Venus sextile Neptune, with Venus in Taurus and again with Neptune in Pisces.

Mercury square Neptune will be about communicating our dreams, while Venus sextile Neptune will create the ideal environment for love, as long as we’re able to remember what really matters and listen to our love horoscope. With both transits in astrology, we’re not going to be seeing another until December, so it’s likely that these energies of discovering and speaking our truth will be in effect from now until then.


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Mercury is the planet that rules communication and our thoughts; in Gemini, this planet can see the best of every situation, but it can’t also see the worst. Mercury likes to think, speak and be mentally stimulated, and in Gemini it means we’re usually going to be looking for a mental connection with our partners and needing to feel a higher level of conversation.


Mercury makes us fall in love with the mind, and in the words and thoughts that create intrigue. Gemini doesn’t do bored, so together these two tend to want to keep us on our toes.  

In this aspect, it’s Mercury squaring Neptune, which means the two planets are within 90 degrees of one another and create a point of stress or tension. We can also think of it as the pinnacle of a situation that has been building for some time. It’s not necessarily a negative, but it’s something to be aware of and will help us create the bridge from where we are to where we want to go.  

Neptune is the planet that rules unconditional love, spirituality, dreams, fantasies and illusions. Currently in Pisces, its ruling sign, we are finding this planet operating at his peak strength, which means we’re going to be more affected by the energies as well.

Pisces mirrors the qualities of this water planet; the last sign of the zodiac and arguably the most empathetic, it’s the sign that is known for unconditional love as well as those mystical aspects of life that all tend to touch a deep spot within our hearts.  This water planet likes us to be in touch with what matters most, which means our feelings and dreams.


But sometimes we gloss over them because it’s too difficult to speak on matters that are close to our heart. Sometimes we don’t want to feel our feelings or acknowledge our dreams because they seem too farfetched or impossible, so we cover them and hide from ourselves. In these aspects, we have Mercury, who likes to talk, talk, talk, coming into a square with Neptune, the one who governs our dreams and feelings.  

During this aspect, we may have to get real about what we truly dream of for our future, but there will be something difficult about it; something that while so incredibly simple will require work to live, and this is where things get interesting with our romantic relationships.

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The second aspect occurring on this day is Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, which means we’re not just going to be speaking our truth or feelings about our dreams in general, but those specifically related to our romantic relationships.


So many times, it’s our romantic relationships that cause the biggest source of growth in our lives. Right now, Venus is in Taurus, her ruling sign, and where she operates the best from. This means we’re going to make better decisions when it comes to love and relationships, and we’re going to be better tuned into what we want. We will have a more difficult time in fooling ourselves or pretending we are living our truth if we are not.  

But together, these aspects will have a big effect on our love life from now until December. Even once Venus moves out of her home sign, the energy she has around this time will stick with us. We’re going to know what feels best and we’re going to want to recommit to that again and again, being led to follow our dreams and talk about them with the person who matters most to us.  

This isn’t about the flavor of the month but in realizing that while everyone is truly different, we also have those who are irreplaceable. The idea of someone who is unlike anyone else will be on our minds in the coming months, meaning that if it’s different than the one we’re currently with, we could see breakups. We also are likely to see changes as far as what matters most.

Sometimes we let the wrong things matter: how we’re seen by others or the material items that we surround ourselves with instead of it really being about the connection between ourselves and another. This transit means getting back to basics. Who makes our heart beats faster? Who do we fall asleep thinking of? Who makes us laugh? Who makes our life just seem better?


These are the themes that will be running parallel to these transits, and we will have to work through for the next few months. 

Mercury wants to remind that unless we do speak about what we most dream of (Neptune), we’re never going to get our heart's desire (Venus). Because we overcomplicate what is quite simple, choose the people that bring light to the darkness and make life better, because those are things that matter. The journey for us is to realize that.  

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