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Who Is Cadesha Bishop? New Details On Las Vegas Woman Charged With Murder After Pushing Elderly Man Off Bus

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Who is Cadesha Bishop? New Details On Las Vegas Woman Charged With Murder After Pushing Elderly Man Off Bus

A Las Vegas man died in late April after being pushed down the steps of a city bus. Serge Fournier, who leaves behind a disabled wife, sustained injuries so significant that he spent the last weeks of his life in the hospital. His cause of death was listed as blunt force injuries to his torso resulting from the fall. A woman name Cadesha Bishop is under arrest and charged with homicide in relation to the case. Bishop was seen on surveillance footage on the bus with her young child. Other passengers say she had been belligerent and was cursing at riders. Fournier told her she should be nicer to people. The video footage of the bus shows Bishop using both hands to push the 74-year-old man down the steps. After causing the fall, Bishop took her child and fled the scene without offering assistance to the injured man.

After a month in the hospital, Fournier succumbed to his injuries. Once the autopsy report confirmed that the fall led to his death, police issued a warrant for Bishop’s arrest. She was taken into custody and booked into Clark County Jail on May 6th. Bishop was charged with open murder on an elderly/vulnerable person. Her bond was set at $100,000. Who is Cadesha Bishop?

1. Argument

Other passengers on the bus stated that Bishop had been behaving belligerently to a number of people. She was on the bus with a small child and had been cursing at other passengers according to ACS News. Her behavior prompted Fournier to suggest that she be nicer to people. They can be seen speaking to one another on the surveillance video, though there is no sound to confirm what exactly was said.

Bishop and Fournier argued.

2. Injuries

After the verbal interaction, Bishop is seen on video shoving Fournier with both hands. According to ABC News, the arrest warrant said Fournier "was pushed with enough force that he never touched any of the steps. [He] went directly from the bus aisle platform to the concrete sidewalk. His head landed approximately eight feet from the bus doorway.” When authorities assessed his condition on the scene, they said he was bleeding from the side of his head. He initially refused treatment at the scene and went home. Later, however, a neighbor reported to the local NBC affiliate, “After he was pushed off the bus, he came here for a day or two and then his pain was so great he had to call an ambulance — went to the hospital." A month later, his family informed the police that he had passed away. The coroner’s report stated that he died form complications due to blunt force trauma to the torso as a result of that fall.

Fournier's injuries were significant.

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3. Homicide

Cadesha Bishop has been charged with homicide in the wake of Serge Fournier's death. She was identified from the surveillance video and was arrested on May 6th, after the family reported to police that Fournier died as the result of his injuries. She was booked into the Clark County Jail and charged with “open murder on an elderly-vulnerable person”, the website The Heavy reports. Her bond was set at $100,000 and she has since been released on electronic monitoring. A public defender has been assigned to her case.

Bishop faces homicide charges.

4. History of violence

This is not the first time that Bishop has been arrested for violent acts according to The Heavy. In March of 2012, she was charged with battery in a domestic violence case but plead guilty and underwent “impulse control counseling” as well as community service. She was arrested on battery charges again in 2013 but cut a deal where she agreed to a suspended jail sentence of 90 days, domestic violence counseling and more community service.

Bishop is currently out on bail.

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5. Seeking information

Police are still hoping to get details about exactly what happened on the bus. If you have any information, you may contact Metro’s homicide section at 702-828-3521 or homicide@lvmpd.com. Anonymous tips can be left with Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

Neighbors are trying to help his wife.

At this time, there are no scheduled court appearances for Bishop. She does have legal representation and is currently out of jail with an electronic monitoring device.

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