Who Is William Jordan Blackmore? New Details On The Hairstylist Accusing His Heiress Wife Of Faking Their Wedding

Who would spend $1 million on a fake wedding?

Who Is William Jordan Blackmore? New Details On The Hairstylist Accusing His Heiress Wife Of Faking Their Wedding Instagram

When two people decide to get married, they make a promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Most of the time, it doesn't work out that way. But, while you hear horror stories about divorce, most couples manage to make it out the other side somewhat amicably or at least never having to see each other again. Such was not the case for celebrity hairdresser William Jordan Blackmore. When he tied the knot in a gorgeous desert wedding, he thought his whole life was just about to begin. What he didn't know was that his bride to be was hiding a dark secret. Here's everything you need to know about their dramatic split and the legal battle that followed. Who is William Jordan Blackmore?


1. Real Wedding?

When professional hairstylist to the stars William Jordan Blackmore and his fiance Andi Potamkin tied the knot and agreed to be man and wife until death did them part, it was a truly lavish affair. The couple was surrounded by family and friends at the November 2015 wedding ceremony, and even their celebrant had a personal connection: Dana Rizer was a friend in addition to being a well-known yoga instructor. It was a beautiful start to a life that should have unfolded like a fairy tale, but unfortunately, there was darkness in store for the couple. Now the couple has decided to go their separate ways, but there's a catch: You see, William claims that the marriage was never real to begin with...because Andi, an heiress, asked their friend Dana not to actually get ordained in the first place. 


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2. Why Fake It?

So, if two people are truly in love and decide to spend their lives together, why on Earth would one member of that partnership go behind the other's back to make sure that the marriage wasn't legitimate? According to William, this was all a scheme concocted by Andi and her ultra-rich dad, Alan Potamkin, who made his fortune selling cars. Apparently, if William is to be believed, his wife's father was concerned that William would refuse to sign a prenup, so together with his daughter, they decided to keep the marriage secretly not binding. In an ironic turn, William did sign the prenup and he's pissed as hell to find out this truth now. Papers submitted to the court regarding this case say: “The truth was that Andi never wanted to marry Jordan; she just wanted a lavish wedding experience, a public-relations stunt and the attention that came with it."



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3. The Lavish Wedding

Lavish is exactly the right word to describe the wedding of Andi and William. Famous celebs and clients of William's like Elizabeth Olson were all flown to the ceremony on private jets hired for the wedding. Hiring private jets just to get your guests to the ceremony is a clear indicator of just how intense this wedding was going to be in terms of luxury. The wedding events spanned a whole weekend and were held at the Amangiri resort in Canyon Point, Utah. It wasn't just a wedding, it was an event! There were yoga classes offered (obviously) and for adrenaline seekers, zip-lining and guided hikes. The guests were encouraged to change their outfits frequently, treating the desert wedding as a makeshift fashion show to boot. 

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4. The Suit

But the bloom fell off that desert rose, and now the gloves are coming off! William is suing both his ex-wife and her dad for more than $2 million. But what are the charges? Fraud, of course! And he isn't stopping there either. William believes in light of this bombshell about the legality of their vows, the prenup he signed should be totally voided and he's willing to take it to a jury. According to Andi's lawyer, Jennifer Altman, both Andi and William have filed paperwork to make sure that their wedding in Utah was considered legitimate. According to her lawyer: “Indeed, both parties have filed to recognize the marriage in the state of Utah. There is a prenuptial agreement signed by both parties that sets forth the terms under which the assets will be distributed upon divorce. While it is unfortunate that the marriage has ended, the failure of a marriage does not justify Mr. Blackmore’s use of the legal process as a manifestation of his disappointment.”

5. The Lawyers Weigh In

While Andi might be seemingly in line with William about their wedding ceremony now, she was singing a very different tune in the papers drafted regarding their separation. Andi referred to the wedding as a "symbolic ceremony that did not constitute a legally binding marriage." What does that mean in Andi's mind? They were never married so the prenup was never legally binding. William's attorney reached out to People magazine saying: “Andi and Alan Potamkin’s current change of position is all too convenient an effort to distance themselves from the Machiavellian fraud perpetrated on Jordan Blackmore for over three years. The falsity of their current statement is made explicitly clear by their own words and documents. It is highly unfortunate that the Potamkins are apparently incapable of owning up to their wrongdoing and have forced Mr. Blackmore to pursue legal remedies.”


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