How Did Isaac Kappy Die? New Details On The Death Of Man Who Accused Steven Spielberg Of Abuse At 42

He left a note.

How Did Isaac Kappy Die? New Details On The Death Of Man Who Accused Steven Spielberg Of Abuse At 42 Facebook 

Not every single aspiring star who moves to Los Angeles can become the next Brad Pitt. Hollywood can be a brutal and unforgiving place, just as likely to chew you up and spit you out as it is to roll out the red carpet for you. Most of the time, people who don't make it big find other ways of making their own happiness. Unfortunately, some people aren't equipped to let go of their dreams, and this combined with mental illness, emotional trauma and drug addiction can send them into a downward spiral of epic proportions. That's exactly what happened to LA's own Isaac Kappy. Here's what you need to know about the man who once accused Steven Speilberg of sexual assault. How did Isaac Kappy die?


1. How He Died

Character actor Isaac Kappy, better known for his conspiracies, assaults and allegations, died on May 13th. Kappy was witnessed taking his own life by jumping off a bridge in Arizona, despite the intervention of several teenagers who hoped to help save him from himself to no avail. Police arrived on the scene after receiving reports that a pedestrian was struck on the highway. When they made it, they were far too late getting to the 42-year-old's side to provide him with any aid. Kappy was run over by a car after he jumped to his death from the bridge. 



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2. His Note 

Tragically, just the day before he died, Kappy went to his Instagram page and essentially wrote what amounted to a suicide note. In the long and rather confusing tirade, he discussed his own perceived failures of character, including using people, dealing drugs and just in general not "being a good guy." Other parts of Kappy's letter make less sense. He refers to the "Q movement" and apologizes for bringing "shame upon the greatest military operation of all time." He even invoked the President saying, “I have told people in the Trump administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting, and committed to execution, in a public setting. A nation cannot suffer its traitors, and I am no exception.” 



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3. His Career 

Kappy was an experienced character actor, but he never really broke into the mainstream world of celeb stardom. If you're a fan of Bravo you might recognize him from Vanderpump Rules, where he appeared as Sandoval's bandmate on a few different episodes of the hit reality show. But Kappy wasn't just known for his music or his brief stint on reality TV. He actually managed to get a couple of small roles (we're talking tiny) in high profile big budget movies like Thor and Terminator Salvation. He even managed to get a guest spot on an episode of Breaking Bad. It's clear that whatever wound up happening, he took his career seriously. 



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4. Paris Jackson

Kappy has been in the news before but it wasn't for a good reason. In August of 2018 Paris Jackson increased her personal security after alleging that Kappy had attacked her and stangled her during a game night she hosted. She claimed that he was trying to reach her constantly and wouldn't leave her alone. It gets even sadder than that, I'm sorry to say. Paris claims that in the weeks leading up to his death, Kappy was texting her non-stop and Paris felt serious pressure to keep answering the texts. Why? Because she believed he was suicidal. Eventually, she stopped answering and then went so far as to block the guy's number too. 



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5. His Accusations

As he got older Kappy stopped auditioning for acting jobs. He even stopped working with the different LA-based bands that he would still sometimes play with. Instead, he became obsessed with conspiracy theories, usually ones in line with his own newfound alt-right beliefs. When he wasn't sharing his odd political beliefs, Kappy was getting his name in the paper for other strange and troubling reasons. For example, he accused the actor Seth Green of sexually abusing him, and if that weren't shocking enough, he also alleged that beloved director Steven Speilberg also sexually assaulted him. He was clearly going through a lot emotionally. Thoughts and love and peace to his family, friends and all who knew him. 


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