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Who Is Carter Lloyd Horne? New Details On 'The Voice' Star And The Hard Times That Led Him To Music

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Who Is Carter Lloyd Horne? New Details On 'The Voice' Star And The Hard Times That Led Him To Music

This dreamy country singer has not only won over ladies all around the world with his smooth tone but has also line danced his way right into Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson's hearts during his blind audition. Carter now has a huge fan base, and has made it all the way to the semi finals as one of the top eight finalists on Blake's team. Who is Carter Lloyd Horne?

1. Marietta Native Follows His Dream

Carter is only 19-years-old and in his bio on NBC he spoke about his family and the hardships they endured. He grew up in a pretty well off, old money family but when the recession hit in 2008 his family lost everything. It was a tragedy that was hard for him and his family to recover from. He was only 14 when they moved into a motel. Carter admitted that he never thought that he would ever be homeless until that happened.


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2. The Performance That Started It All

The performance that took the judges and Americas' breath away was Midland’s song “Drinkin’ Problem” during the blind auditions. This is when everyone realized that Carter was a star and deserved a spot on The Voice! Blake and Kelly even commented that his voice sounded like a 50-year-old man and they would have never guessed that he was only 19 years young when auditioning.


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3. Music for the Soul

Singing was therapeutic for Carter during his lowest point in life as his family was fighting to get back on their feet. "Music gave me something to get my mind off of things, and it gave me something to focus on and became a big part of my life. Any time your life changes so drastically, that's going to really just affect your world," Horne shared. It was in that motel room when he began to explore and play music because his grandmother brought that as a gift for him while he was there. Music lifted his spirits and now with his talents he is lifting ours.


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4. The Road To Stardom

America's love for Carter grew overnight — especially with the ladies. He currently has 15.6k followers on Instagram and he admitted to having to turn off his post notifications because he was was receiving a lot of attention from girls. It's prom season and with that being said many ladies have filled his Instagram with requests for him to be their prom date. Although he is flattered by the attention, he also feels weird about what he is receiving from his fans.


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5. Semi Finals, Sad Goodbyes

In the Semi Finals last night on May 16th, Carter said his goodbyes as he was sent home packing after his performance of "Take Me To Church" by Hoizer. Although he gave it his all, the judges all agreed that he was very pitchy during the performance and it took him until the chorus to be able to find his note and sing comfortably throughout the rest of the song.


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