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Who Is Doris Day's Husband? New Details On All Of Her Husbands

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Who Is Doris Day's Husband? New Details On All Of Her Husbands

What can be more complicated than having four husbands ? On screen Doris Day was the sweetest person and was called "America's Sweetheart," but when it came to finding her Prince Charming she didn't have the greatest luck. Who is Doris Day's husband?

1. America's Sweetheart

"Day was once one of the biggest female box office stars in American history and an accomplished, award-winning singer, who retired in her 50s to follow her dreams into animal activism and rescue." She was 97- years-old when she passed away on May 13th. She saw herself as a blessed person to be able to perform in theaters and make records. She was seen as Miss Goody Two-Shoes and America's Virgin. She was born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff in 1922. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame sits two stars for her film and musical work. She also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then-President George W. Bush for her work on behalf of animals. She was what you would call the all around American Girl.


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2. Al Jorden 

Al Jorden was a trombonist and Doris met him when she was only 16. They were previously in the same band together back in Cincinnati, where she spent her childhood growing up. Although he was a great musician he would would not win a husband of the year award. Al abused her physically and emotionally, embarrassing her in public settings. "Al Jorden was manipulative and pathologically jealous and believed she was being unfaithful when she was just singing and performing with other men." The joy came when she conceived a baby boy at 18 named Terry Melcher, but he ended up passing away in 2004 of melanoma. The year after the birth of Terry, Doris filed for divorce from Al Jorden.


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3. George Weidler

George was a saxophone player and a former child actor. The union between Doris and George was extremely short. They were married on March 30, 1946 and divorced on May 31, 1949. According to the UK Telegraph the marriage failed because he belived that her being a famous star would interfere with their relationship. Several years went by before the two began a quick fling which didn't last long. After all, Doris was still one of the most famous people in the world. 


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4. Barry Comden

Day described her marriage to Barry Comden as incompatible. What a way to describe your former husband! The brewing romance began at the Beverly Hills Old World Restaurant. He was 12 years younger than her  but that didn't stop her from pursuing the relationship that started between them. They made the decision to get married on April 14, 1976. Something that Barry wasn't quite satisfied with was her animals. Doris loved her animals, so much that she had 14 of them! Comden took her passion for her pups as a threat and believed that he came second. He had enough when he was forced out of his bed one night for one of her dogs to sleep. They divorced on April 2, 1982.


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5. Martin Melcher 

Martin and Day were married on April 3, 1951. He was a film producer and ended up becoming her agent. Martin removed her from her contract with Warner Brothers and turned her into a freelance actress for hire. Financial troubles began to weigh in as Day found out that their lawyer Jerome Rosenthal took her money and used it on shady investments, took kickbacks and then charged clients exorbitant fees to save face. Martin Melcher adopted Doris' son Terry. The couple was married until Melcher’s death in 1968. After his death Rosenthal tried to claim half of her fortune and Day sued.

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