Who Killed Baby John? New Details On The Disturbing 33-Year-Old Unsolved Murder Of The Greenwich, Connecticut Baby

"Baby John" would have been 33 years old today.

Who Killed Baby John? New Details On The Disturbing 33-Year-Old Unsolved Murder Of The Greenwich, Connecticut Baby Fairfield Police Department

His murder was a death that rocked the tony town of Greenwich, CT. Yet, it remains unsolved. Who killed Baby John?

On May 16, 1986, police in the wealthy suburban enclave of Greenwich, CT, made a disturbing discovery: the body of a baby boy.


The baby was subsequently dubbed “Baby John” by investigators.

More than 33 years later, Greenwich police are no closer to finding out who killed Baby John than they were on the day they made the gruesome discovery.

Let’s look at what we know about Baby John, whose murder remains unsolved.

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1. He was killed shortly after he was born.

According to the Daily Voice, Baby John was found in a dumpster on Mason Street on May 16, 1986. Mason Street is located in the downtown district of Greenwich, and it is home to several high-end shops like Brooks Brothers and Smith & Noble. However, the dumpster was located behind an apartment complex.


The medical examiner determined that Baby John was little more than a few hours old when he died. His death was immediately classified as a homicide.

2. The police have had some suspects, but they’ve all been eliminated.

According to Patch.com, Greenwich police have remained tight-lipped about the details of the Baby John unsolved murder. However, that’s because they want to see who comes forward with information about Baby John’s death. There are certain things, according to the police, that only Baby John’s killer would know — and the person who comes forward with that information either killed Baby John, or knows who did.

But Greenwich Police Lt. John Slusarz says that despite their refusal to comment too much on the case, they have had some suspects — and those suspects have been eliminated.

"We investigated some possible suspects over the years but they have all be excluded," Slusarz told the outlet. "It's one of those cases that we keep coming back to as new technology comes on the scene, such as improvements in DNA testing."


The suspects in the Baby John murder have been eliminated. 

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3. Another baby was killed in Greenwich, CT, two months before Baby John was killed.

According to the Greenwich Times, nearly two months before Baby John’s body was found in a dumpster, another baby boy was found strangled and mutilated in nearby Lake Mohegan.

“Photos from the crime scene that day and the following autopsy show the baby’s broken jaw, leaving him trapped in what looks like a permanent scream,” reports, horrifically, the outlet, adding that this baby’s murder also remains unsolved.

The police are hoping the public can help them solve the Baby John murder case.


4. There is a reward for the person who comes forward with information that will crack the case.

According to the Greenwich Free Press, the Greenwich police have re-ignited interest in the case in the hopes that someone will come forward with new information.

Slusarz told the outlet that while the police have Baby John’s DNA, they don’t know who his mother or his father are. He’s hoping that people will come forward with the information to help them solve the case.

“We want anybody who thinks they have some information, even if it’s a tiny bit, to give us a call. It can be something someone overlooked but maybe it will put us in the right direction so we can solve this. It could be even a suspicion that a friend or relative was pregnant at the time and hid the pregnancy. Or it could be someone with firsthand knowledge. We want that information,” Slusarz said to the outlet.


Anyone with any information on the Baby John unsolved murder is invited to call the Greenwich police tip line at (203) 622-3333 (local) or (800) 372-1176 (Toll free). If your information leads to an arrest and conviction, there is a reward of up to $20,000 available.

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