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Who Is Steve Bullock's Wife? New Details On Lisa Bullock And Her Husband's Bid For President

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Who Is Steve Bullock's Wife? New Details On Lisa Bullock And Her Husband's Bid For President

Steve Bullock is the (surprisingly) Democratic governor of Montana, a state with a total population of just over one million. He's one of the now 952 (I'm exagerating) Democrats who've thrown their hat in the proverbial ring to be the next President of the United States. To be sure, the field of Democrats vying for the nomination is crowded. Bullock feels he has a better shot of beating the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because he not only got elected governor of Montana, a state that sided overwhelmingly with Trump in 2016, but he also got re-elected. He has a point but again: Montana has a total population of just over one million. Steve Bullock is married to Lisa Bullock and the couple has three kids. Who is Steve Bullock's wife?

1. She's a Montana native

Lisa Bullock is a native of Montana. He was born and raised in Helena in an Irish Catholic family with six kids. She is the oldest of her siblings. Her dad was a psychology professor and her mom was a nurse. She attended Helena's public schools. She went to Carroll College in Helena and got her degree in Math and Computer Science. She began work on her Master's degree in applied mathematics at USC in Los Angeles. 


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2. She was a teacher

Lisa Bullock started her career teaching math and computer science at the high school level. Later, she went to work for a number of large tech companies including IBM, Northrup Grumman, Public Knowledge and Maximus. She is currently a Research and Development Manager for Court View Justice Solutions.


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3. She coached her kids' basketball teams

Lisa and Steve Bullock have three kids: Caroline, Alexandria and Cameron. She's an athlete who coached her kids' basketball teams. Lisa Bullock enjoys basketball, hiking and skiing. 


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4. She's an advocate for kids

Lisa Bullock created a program to make sure kids who are hungry get breakfast at school. Alongside her husband, she started an initiative to fight childhood hunger in Montana through 'Breakfast After The Bell' grants to Montana schools. Lisa also started the Montana STEM Mentors program, which asks women in Montana to mentor young women interested in STEM careers. 


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5. There are questions about an extramarital affair

In 2014, some questions arose due to Steve Bullock's use of the state plane to fly with Meg O'Leary, the Montana Department of Commerce Director to a Paul McCartney concert in Missoula. Questions came up because O'Leary wasn't invited to the concert; Lisa Bullock was. It was also questioned whether the concert qualified as state business. Some digging on the part of the local media revealed O'Leary flew on the state plane a lot more often than any other Montana official. Between March 2013 and August 2016, O'Leary flew on the state plane 56 times. The next most trips that any state official flew in the same time period was 20. Bullock was asked during a gubernatorial debate in 2016 if he had ever had an extramarital affair. He said that he had not.


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6. Democrats want her husband to change course

Some people, including Democratic leaders are wondering why Steve Brown decided to go from a two term governor of a small state to a bid for the White House. Bullock's own reasoning that he won two elections as a Democrat in a deep red state are valid. Top Democrats in Washington D.C. are excited about Bullock running for national office — as long as that's Senator, not President. The party wants him to challenge Republican Senator from Montana Steve Daines. Bullock is in a unique place where he could make what is a virtually unwinnable Senate race super-competitive, flip the seat, and give the Dems a shot at ousting a GOP incumbent. For what it's worth, Bullock isn't the only presidential candidate the Dems wish would seek another office first, Stacey Abrams, Beto O'Rourke and John Hickenlooper are also getting pressure from the party. Like those three, Bullock isn't having any of it and is proceeding with his presidential bid.


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