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Who Is Martice Fuller? New Details About Wisconsin Teen Who Shot And Killed His Girlfriend Kaylie Juga

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Who Is Martice Fuller? New Details About Wisconsin Teen Who Shot And Killed His Girlfriend Kaylie Juga

A Wisconsin community is in shock after a 15-year-old boy shot and killed his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend and wounded her mother. Martice Fuller is currently under arrest for the murder of Kaylie Juga and the attempted murder of her mother Stephanie. Stephanie underwent surgery for a bullet wound to her arm and is listed in stable condition. Kaylie died at the scene. Martice Fuller fled after the shooting but was eventually persuaded to turn himself in to police after hiding out at a family member’s house. He will face serious charges and may be in court as soon as this week for arraignment. Who is Martice Fuller? Read on for all the details.

1. Football player

Fuller, who was for a time enrolled at the same school as Kaylie, was an athlete involved in football and track and field. His coach told the Journal Times that he was the quarterback for the varsity football team before being expelled in March. He was then enrolled in the eSchool program. No details were given about his expulsion. He dated Kaylie Juga for a period of time and developed a relationship with both her and her family. Kaylie and her mother Stephanie both posted to social media about the 15-year-old Fuller’s games. Kaylie was a cheerleader at the school.

Fuller and Kaylie dated.

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2. Young love

Fuller and Juga appear to have been in a romantic relationship in the past though her family says they hadn’t spoken months. The Heavy reports that before their break up, which hasn’t been explained, the couple were fond of posting loving messages about one another on social media. However, there were moments where other people suggested Martice had been unfaithful, with one person tweeting: “Lmaoo wait wait but you cheated on both of us im dead asfff” and “Funny bc he was with me yesterday” followed by laughing emojis.

Kaylie expressed her love on Twitter.

3. Shooting

On May 9, The Heavy reports that police responded to reports of a shooting at the Juga family's home. The official reports says that at the scene, officers: “located two victims, a 16-year-old female and a 39-year-old female, with injuries consistent with gun fire. Officers extracted both females from the residence in an effort to get them medical attention. Despite medical efforts the 16-year-old female died on scene; the 39- year-old female was transported to a local hospital and is in serious, but stable condition.”  Her father later said Kaylie was getting ready for work when Fuller came into the house and shot her and her mother.

Kaylie and her mother were both shot.

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4. Search and arrest

Once police identified Fuller as the person of interest in the shooting, they issued an alert asking the public for information about his location, saying: “The Kenosha Police Department needs the public’s help in locating Martice L. Fuller. Fuller had a relationship with Kaylie and is a person of interest in the shooting death. Fuller fled the scene and his whereabouts are unknown. He may be armed with a firearm and is considered dangerous; do not attempt to confront Fuller.” Police tried to locate Fuller at his own home but he wasn’t there. Shortly thereafter, they updated the public saying: “Shortly thereafter, the Kenosha Police Department received a call from a person in Racine, Wisconsin. The caller indicated that the person of interest was there and wanted to surrender. Detectives responded to the 2000 block of Blake Avenue with Racine PD Officers. The subject was taken into custody without incident and was transported to Kenosha for questioning.” Fuller had evidently gone to a family member’s house and the family member urged him to turn himself in to police. The family member then cooperated and allowed the police to search the home. Police did not find the gun used in the crime at either Fuller’s residence or the family member’s home.

Fuller initially fled the scene. 

5. Family in shock

As Stephanie recovers from her injuries, local news reports that Kaylie’s father Nick issued a statement about his daughter, saying: "Kaylie had hopes of going to Minnesota State College seeking a medical degree.  She had dreams of adopting children and becoming a successful individual.  She was not a morning person and would still be amazing, funny and the most loveable person around.  She had her older brother Tyler in her back pocket. There wasn't anything we wouldn't do just to see her smile. We love you baby girl.”

Kaylie coulnd't hear Fuller approach.

6. Charges

Fuller faces serious charges for the shooting, with police planning to file armed burglary, first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide charges as soon as Monday. He remains in custody at this time.

Fuller was charged on Monday.

Fuller is being held on one million dollar bond due to "high level of premeditation."

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