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Who Is Jim Lammey? New Details About Tennessee Judge Who Posted Racist And Anti-Semitic Tweets

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Who Is Jim Lammey? New Details About Tennessee Judge Who Posted Racist And Anti-Semitic Tweets

Social Media is so broad and can be used to achieve so many amazing things. We are able to promote our businesses, communicate with friends and family all over the world and so much more! The downside to having these social media accounts is when those around us, especially those in positions of power use the internet as a place to show discrimination against a group of people and their culture. Ultimately Judge Jim Lammey opened up a can of worms when he decided to support anti-immigration policies and posted content denying the exsistance of the Holocaust. Many city officials are concerned about his character and the lives he is entrusted to judge fairly without bias. Who is Jim Lammey?


1. A Criminal Judge Speaks Out

Jim Lammey is a criminal judge in the 30th judicial district in Shelby County, Tennessee. He was an Assistant District Attorney before he was appointed to bench in 2006. Before taking this position Jim earned his law degree from Memphis State University in 1989 and attended the University of Mississippi in 1980. He has caused the public to distrust his judgement after he posted an article originally by Holocaust denier David Cole.

2. Social Media Post Unveils The Truth About Jim Lammey

The article slanders leftist American Jews for supporting immigration from third world countries. He has also shared content agreeing with anti-immigration and conspiracy theory articles. The articles by David Cole include statements such as: "Liberal Jews are behaving like people in Jewish folklore who created mud monsters called golems that later proved to be dangerous, by supporting Muslim immigration to the West."  Lammey defended his posts by saying his views do not affect his work as a judge and that he should not be prosecuted for content on his personal social media accounts. To add fuel to the fire, the article calls Muslim immigrants "foreign mud" and criticizes the "integration craze" in public schools and says Jews should "get the f*** over the Holocaust."

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3. Racist And Anti-Semitic Memes And Articles Causes Outrage 

Rabbi Katie Baufman said: "Lammey’s social media posts disgust me, as a Jew, as a descendant of immigrants, and as a religious leader."  A criminal attorney also mentioned that Jim treats his black and white defendants differently. He makes the African American defendants go through many loops such as drug testing and asking them if they have children out of wedlock which he doesn't require from caucasian defendants.

4. Shelby County Commissioners Call For A Vote To Formally Censure Lammey

The NAACP, the Memphis Islamic Center and Jewish Community Partners are all in agreement that Lammey should be censured due to his posts. Charles Gardner Geyh, an expert on judicial ethics at Indiana University;s Maurer School of Law, agrees that Lammey's posts make it seem like he may have a biased view of immigrants, which will be an issue in the near future if he consistantly posts and shares offensive material. The state judicial conduct board may undergo an investigation to determine if he is still a good fit to remain on the bench.

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