Who Is Matteo Valles? New Details On The Bachelorette Contestant Who Has Fathered 114 Kids

Say what now?

Who Is Matteo Valles? New Details On The Bachelorette Contestant Who Has Fathered 114 Kids abc.com

It's a feeling just as exciting as laying out your presents beneath the tree on Christmas Eve...if you're a fan of Bachelor Nation, that is. I'm talking, of course, about when the biographies of the contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are finally released by ABC for our perusal and total obsessive fixation, whee!  I've been looking it over and boy howdy does this season feature some hotties. Additionally, this batch of dudes isn't shy about revealing pretty personal info. The boldest move thus far came courtesy of Matteo V., who shared that he's fathered over 100 children! Read on to find out how this happened and to see if he has a shot at love with Hannah. Who is Matteo V?


1. His "Part Time" Job

Ladies and gentlemen, the name and trivia sheets about the contestants for the next season of The Bachelorette have been released and they contain some gems! My personal favorite competing for Hannah Brown's heart is Matteo Valles! Why do I adore him? Uh, because the guys is totally open about how his work as a part-time sperm donor has made him dad to over 100 kids! Damn, Matteo. Interestingly, while Matteo is more than happy to discuss his semen-filled hustle, it's far from being his only gig. Which is good, as a 25-year-old who just jerks it for a living is not, I don't think, exactly ideal husband material. Though I mean, at least it's kind of a job. ANYWAY, Matteo's main gig is working in Atlanta as a management consultant. Wonder if he'll still have his job after the show! 


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2. Strong And Silent 

When you participate in The Bachelor or The Bachelorette you have to do something to distinguish yourself from the pack, and if you're smart, you'll do it as soon as possible. No, I have not been on the show, but I've watched it for years and that's kind of like being on it...right? Anyway, Matteo's move to share his sperm donor hustle could be a smart one. Wanna get another little taste of Matteo? Gross. I've made myself vaguely ill with language. Moving on. Matteo describes himself as the "strong and silent" type, which is hot in books and movies but usually a nightmare to deal with in real life, especially if a person is saying it about themselves. Still, maybe his extreme levels of confidence will win over our sweet Southern gal! 


3. The New Season

Well, we will all get a chance to see if Matteo passes muster when the new season begins and friends, it is so so soon! Get your DVRs ready, because on May 13th, Hannah and her fellows are taking the TV by storm. From the looks of the recent trailers, it doesn't look like it's going to be an entirely smooth ride to the end of the season and a potential happy ever after either. A recent trailer for the new season shows Hannah in tears berating the men saying: “None of you know anything about me and what makes me, me and the things that I’ve gone through because nobody’s even asked. ‘Cause all we do is talk about stupid s–t. So, figure it out or I don’t want to do this.

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4. Ready For Love

The real question in all of this is just how serious Matteo and the other potential love matches are about finding lasting love. Sources say that Hannah is very much ready to be engaged and then married and starting a family, particularly after her experience on The Bachelor. She would be seriously devasted if her dreams of wedded bliss weren't realized. “Hannah is so ready for an engagement. She went into The Bachelor ready to find love and even more so now she’s ready to open up, be vulnerable, and find her ‘one.' Hannah is a hopeless romantic and she’s looking for her perfect love story.” Well, we certainly hope she finds her happy ending this season," said a source to Life and Style Magazine. 

Ladies, would you date a guy who made 114 kids?

'Bachelorette' suitor Matteo Valles is a sperm donor — with 114 kids to show for it

— Gerard (@gstone5044) May 9, 2019

5. Will They Connect? 

In addition to being the strong and silent self-identifier sperm donor, Matteo has a load of traveling experience. Before he made his home in Georgia, he traveled all over the world, spending time in places like Austria and also in Kenya. He's not just a nomad either, the guy values intelligence and got his degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech! Matteo certainly looks good on paper but there is really no way of knowing just how well he will connect with Hannah until the two of them get to spend time together. Because let's be real, a guy can have it all going on when you read a description of him, but if there isn't that first spark and that necessary tingle all the degrees and sperm donations in the world don't make a lick of difference. 


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