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Who Is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon? New Details On The 'American Idol' Star Wowing Audiences

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Who Is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon? New Details On The 'American Idol' Star Wowing Audiences

If you haven't been keeping up with this season of American Idol, you're going to want to change that immediately after reading this article. Hundreds of thousands of people have been auditioning for this show that is now in its 17th season. But this year, there is one contestant who stands out. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon has gone viral, been supported by millions of fans, and had a genuine shot at winning the title before he was eliminated this Sunday. However, there is so much more to the man on TV than just this rejection, and many fans believe he has a very successful career ahead of him. Who is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon?

1. He is a hard worker

Harmon has fought hard to be successful in life, having worked as a janitor at his father's church while attending Towson University, where he studied voice. Despite his talent, he felt that his music wasn't advancing and so decided to audtion for the show with the hopes of getting some kind of momentum in his career. 


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2. Jermiah loves writing music

He made a concious effort to introduce himself on the show as a songwriter, not just a singer. This distinction seemed very important to Harmon as he actually went against the norm of covering a well known song and instead auditioned with his own original, 'Almost Heaven.' that focuses on the struggle of being gay and Christian. This touching vulnerability and vocal talent went a long way in taking him to the next levels of the show. 


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3. He loves his parents

Although there was some tension because his parents did not support him after he came out, he has made efforts to make sure that fans know they now have a much more supportive relationship and are trying to process this relationship at their own pace. Fans found a sermon that Harmon's father gave against LGBTQ people that ran over half an hour long on YouTube. That, along with Harmon's original song, seemed to paint an upsetting picture. However, his parents have come to his performances and Jerimiah has gone on record explaining that the relationship isn't what it seems, and his parents are genuinely trying to process his coming out. His father even said, “I’m not very objective, but I think he’s the best one here.”


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4. He's not finished with the music industry

Harmon took the rejection with grace and poise, telling fans that this is only the beginning of his journey and expressing excitement for the future. In fact, according to his facebook page, he has spent the time since the elimination writing music with intentions to release a record sometime soon. It's no surprise that someone who has fought so hard to get to this place would keep fighting to go above and beyond. 

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