Who Is James Righton? New Details On Keira Knightley's Husband — And Their Pregnancy News!

They tied the knot in 2013.

Who Is James Righton? New Details On Keira Knightley's Husband — And Their Pregnancy News! instagram

In Hollywood, some expecting mothers like to make a statement when they announce their pregnancy. Remember when Beyonce debuted her baby bump at the VMAs? Or when Cardi B revealed hers while performing on Saturday Night Live

Well, not every female celebrity wants something so extravagant; instead, they may deliver the news with a fashion statement. And that’s exactly what Keira Knightley did on Friday.


At the Chanel cruise 2020 collection show in Paris, Knightley wore a floral maxi dress and showed off her bump. Knightley has been a brand ambassador for Chanel for a number of years.



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The night before, however, she wore a cream-colored Chanel gown that perfectly accentuated her growing belly!

She’s absolutely glowing! And standing right beside her was her husband, James Righton, who wore a black suit and tie for the occasion.

But just who is James Righton? Though he’s not as big of a name as his famous wife, he’s still made amazing accomplishments of his own, aside from being a husband and father. And here are five details to know about Righton, his marriage, and his career.


1. He’s English.

Just like Knightley, Righton hails from England. He was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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2. He’s a musician.



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From a young age, he always had a knack for music. His father, who is also a musician, encouraged Righton to join bands while he was in high school. This early influence has led to quite the career in music. Righton played keyboard and sang in the band Klaxons, which disbanded in 2015. He’s currently making music solo, and released his first single, “Shock Machine,” in 2016.


But before joining Klaxons and starting his own solo venture, Righton was a music teacher, and eventually met Simon Taylor-Davis and Jamie Reynolds, forming Klaxons. They signed to a record label in 2006, and performed their final tour in 2014.

In addition to his own music career, he’s also scored two films. In 2015, he scored the film William, and in 2018, scored the film Benjamin.

3. He’s credited on other albums.

He’s written for the bands The Chemical Brothers, Riton, and Arctic Monkeys. He co-wrote “All Rights Reserved” for The Chemical Brothers, co-wrote “Deeper” for Riton, and played guitar, piano, and wurlitzer for Arctic Monkeys’ “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.” He also co-wrote “The Third Degree” for Honeyblood.


4. He and Keira were introduced through mutual friends.



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Though rumors say that Alexa Chung introduced the couple, Knightley set the record straight. In an interview with The Guardian, she said the two met “through our mate Tim, not Alexa Chung, as people keep telling me. We were very drunk.”

5. The couple has been together since 2011.

Righton and Knightley began dating in 2011, and married in 2013 in the south of France. They are parents to a daughter, Edie, born in 2015, and are expecting a child in the near future.


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