Where Is Amy Sue Pagnac? New Details On The Missing Minnesota Woman Whose 30-Year-Old Disappearance Remains Unsolved

Amy Sue Pagnac's disappearance has stumped investigators.

Where Is Amy Sue Pagnac? New Details On The Missing Minnesota Woman Whose 30-Year-Old Disappearance Remains Unsolved KARE 11

She disappeared from a small-town gas station more than 30 years ago, and her disappearance has stumped investigators ever since. Where is Amy Sue Pagnac?

On August 5, 1989, Amy Sue Pagnac went to a gas station in the small town of Osseo, located in Hennepin County in Minnesota. That was the last place she was ever seen, alive or dead.


And for more than 30 years, investigators have been puzzled about where she could have gone — and with whom — and how she managed to disappear without a proverbial trace.

Let’s look at what we know about Amy Sue Pagnac’s unsolved disappearance.

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1. Her father was the last person to see her alive.


Amy Sue Pagnac, shown here in an age-progressive photo, would be 41 today. 

According to Press & News, Amy Sue Pagnac was with her father, Marshall Midden, when they stopped at the Holiday gas station in Osseo, Minnesota. Her father said that they were going on a day trip to the family property in Isanti County when he stopped for gas. According to him, Amy waited inside of the car while he went inside to use the restroom. When he came back out, he said, Amy had “disappeared.”

2. Her mother is reportedly still “frantic” with worry about her daughter’s fate.

As one can imagine, Amy Sue Pagnac’s mother is living every parent’s worst nightmare: having a missing child. KARE 11 spoke to Amy’s mother shortly after the Jacob Wetterling story made headlines, and she said that she had missed all the important milestones in her daughter’s life. This thought, she said, made her angry but more than anything else, it made her sad.

“We missed her graduation. We missed her first date. We missed her going to college," said Susan Pagnac. "It would be wonderful if we could have her 40th birthday with her. The last birthday we had was when she turned thirteen. We lost a whole lot of birthdays."


Susan went on to say that Amy, who suffered from seizures, wouldn’t have “run away” from her father or left the car. Rather, Susan believes that she was abducted.

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3. Amy Sue Pagnac has a specific set of medical needs.

According to HaveYouSeenUs.com, Amy Sue Pagnac’s disappearance is cause for concern for many of her family members because she has a specific set of medical needs that require immediate attention.

In addition to the seizures her mother says she suffered, Amy Sue Pagnac also “has occasional bouts of anger. It is mandatory that she takes her allergy medication. Amy is a Caucasian female with brown hair and blue eyes. She has scars on her left cheek and the side of her nose and left eyelid. She has a circular scar on her left knee. He ears are pierced and she has a petite stature. Amy's clothing consisted of sweatpants, a light-colored shirt and tennis shoes.”


4. Her case is still open and ongoing.

Amy Sue Pagnac's family has never given up hope in finding her. 

Unlike many other so-called “missing persons” cases, the case of Amy Sue Pagnac is not only still open, the investigation is ongoing. According to 411GINA, the Maple Grove police have not only continued their investigation into her disappearance, they’ve opened a whole separate room to investigate her appearance. They consider all leads, and any calls that are made that can help them are welcomed.

If you have any information about Amy Sue Pagnac’s unsolved disappearance, the Maple Grove Police Department would like to hear from you. Call them at 1-763-494-6100, or contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.


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